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Crooning sensation, Michael Bublé and his family have a reason to be thankful this holiday season after cancer treatment in the hospital for Michael Bublé’s son, Noah Bublé. Bublé, his wife Luisana Lopilato, and millions of fans were devastated to find out last month that their eldest son, Noah, was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, this Christmas will be full of joy for the family.

The talented musician released the following statement early November: “We are devastated by the recent cancer diagnosis of our oldest son Noah, who is currently undergoing treatment in the US. We have always been very vocal about the importance of family and the love we have for our children.” He added that he and his wife would take time away from their careers to focus on their family. Noah Bublé’s cancer update on Saturday, revealed that the three-year-old will be coming home for Christmas. How is Michael Bublé’s son now? Here’s what you need to know.

He Does Not Have Leukemia

A few days after the Bublé family announced their eldest son was diagnosed with cancer, Bublé’s sister-in-law, Daniela Lopilato asked media not to “speculate because not everyone has children and can understand what this means.” She continued, “Michael and my sister will publish more statements and I can’t say any more but it’s not leukemia or the central nervous system as people are saying.”

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The Family is Staying Strong

On November 10, Bublé’s mentor and legendary music producer, David Foster shared an update on the family with ET Canada’s, Roz Weston. “I think Michael right now is in a huge bubble. Everything shuts down around you,” said Foster. When asked whether the outpouring of love has been a comfort for the family, Foster replied, “I don’t think he’s looking at social media. I’m sure he feels the love of millions of people,” and added that the family has good doctors around them and are hoping and praying for a good outcome. “He’s [Bublé] done a lot of good for a lot of people and I think this is going to have a great, fantastic ending to it and be a new beginning.”

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Noah is Coming Home for Christmas

According to an Argentinian report, the family will be together for a big celebration in California this Christmas. Relatives from Argentina (on Luisana’s side) will be traveling to California to celebrate closer to where Noah is being treated, rather than their home in Canada. There have been claims that Noah has a 90 percent chance of beating the disease, and Daniela has described Noah as a “warrior.”

It is understandable why the family is keeping fine details about Noah’s treatment and recovery process private. Michael Bublé’s fans have been very understanding and have poured out comments of encouragement, sympathy, and warm wishes for the holidays. Let’s hope Noah’s treatment continues to go well, that he will be healed, and that the family can go back to normal, being stronger as a unit than ever before.

Michael Bublé & Luisana Lopilato

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