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Our wait is finally over as Beyonce’s new album Lemonade is now available online. It’s been three years since the pop queen’s last album, and we can now get back to enjoying Beyonce’s new songs once again. And, from Beyonce’s Lemonade, “Pray You Catch Me” is the one song to watch out for. While you must watch the “Pray You Catch Me” video clip shared on VEVO’s Twitter, you can also learn Beyonce’s intimate words by reading the “Pray You Catch Me” lyrics below.

What makes “Pray You Catch Me” the most essential Beyonce song is its depiction of her love life in it. Once you listen to the track and read these “Pray You Catch Me” lyrics, you can get and idea of Beyonce singing about a lover’s dishonesty. Citing troubles in her marriage with rapper-husband Jay Z and speculating how he could have cheated on Beyonce, her new album will clearly helps us learn her side of the story.

Here’s a first look at Beyonce’s upcoming music video, so watch the “Pray You Catch Me” video shared on VEVO’s Twitter and read the lyrics at!