Heath Kirchart who is known for changing the skateboarding scene of his decade, disappeared suddenly from the skating world in 2011. He ended his career as a professional skateboarder to travel the world and experience adventure. Find out everything you need to know about Heath Kirchart’s net worth and wiki, right here.

Most self-proclaimed “skater kids” will know the name Heath Kirchart as his reputation precedes him. He was a legend back in the ’90s and he spent nearly two decades making a living off his craft. But in 2011, he just shut it all down, though he was noted as one of the greatest pros in the world when it came to skateboarding.

Kirchart decided to end his skateboarding career (and drop his high-profile sponsors), and embarked on an adventurous journey that would make even the most traveled person jealous! Where he Heath Kirchart now? We’ve got all you need to know about him, right here in our Heath Kirchart wiki.

#1. Heath Kirchart—The Skateboarding Wizard!

Heath Kirchart’s skateboarding journey began in the ’90s, and he had some rad tricks under his sleeve! Some of them were so fresh and “gnarly” (in true skateboarding terms), that people became instant fans after seeing what he could do on those wheels!

But Heath Kirchart believes the opposite! He downplays his ability and remains extremely modest about his skills! Maybe it’s his humility that keeps him favorited by fans!

In an interview conducted by, he was asked what influence he thinks he has made to the skateboarding world. His reply was, “I don’t know! Not that much!”

Fans would definitely disagree! He was the one who kicked off the trend of technical rail tricks.He also took just about every other trick and gave it a tune up! He was 33-years-old and was a pro at his peak when he quit skateboarding.

#2. Heath Kirchart Made a Farewell Video with Emerica!

Heath Kirchart did everything differently and in his own way. He even made his exit from skateboarding in style!

Emerica was his sponsor at the time, and their Heath Kirchart pro shoes were all the rage! But to the disappointment of fans, Kirchart pulled the plug on his career and made a farewell video along with Emerica. It was titled Heath Kirchart-Emerica Stay Gold and had video snippets of Kirchart’s infamous tricks with his skateboard.

The video had a background score of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere.” It was an emotional video for all the fans who were expecting the pro to continue boarding forever. But Kirchart’s decision was solid, and he quit the sport.

#3. What Did Heath Kirchart Do after Quitting Skateboarding?

Kirchart decided to end his amazing skateboarding career so he could travel the world. That’s right; he gave up the fame and money to pursue what he really wanted to do in life; travel the world. After he quit boarding, Kirchart ticked off many things on his “to-do” list, with adventures so crazy that it makes it almost okay that he quit boarding! He’s proof of living life to the fullest, that’s for sure!

What we have here is a picture of three of my favorite people, but the reason I'm posting this is because the Wonder Bread in this Leo sandwich, #HeathKirchart and @oldirtyboosh, are leaving today to take their 21 ft rowing dory 600-700 miles down through the Sea of Cortez from San Felipe to La Paz. Let's take a pause and recognize that this two month trip will be brutal, but they will come back with stories that will make day to day life seem trivial. Aaaand Boosh is a redhead, so he's totally fucked in that Mexican sun. Yo @bananaboatbrand, hook these boys up! Obviously them doing this makes me nervous since I almost won the Darwin award with Heath in 2014 by breaking a mast and capsizing our dory on the other side of Baja in the Pacific. It takes some serious balls to almost die down there and want to go back, but I know they can do it. You can follow along on Instagram and their website. Link is on Heath's IG @seaofmathilda. Boosh said at the end he's going to have such a hot body that "you'll be saying John Santos who?"

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His expeditions included bicycling from Los Angeles to New York, rafting the Grand Canyon without a guide, and climbing the El Capitan (California). He also tried to sail on a homemade boat in Baja, California, but it was a failed attempt. Jeff Vallee has been on a few tours with him, and he photographs Heath Kirchart on these ill-advised yet awesome trips!

#4. Heath Kirchart Made a Living Working Odd Jobs Post-Skateboarding!

If you decide to go on a spontaneous adventure, you’ve got to be ready to do spontaneous jobs, too! This is just what Kirchart has done, and his various jobs look like an adventure inside an adventure itself! Adventure-ception!

Since his departure from skateboarding, Kirchart has worked as a vending machine operator, a bartender, a building restoration worker, pizza delivery man, and a production assistant! These were just the funkiest of the long list!

According to Kirchart, delivering pizza was his favorite job among them all! He said, “And you’d deliver pizzas to people who would be so high. No one’s happier to see you when you show up with a pizza than somebody who’s high. You just get to make someone’s day, and they’re so f*****g excited.” Well, at least he’s still making people smile through his work!

Kirchart has always believed in living life freely. He has made himself a great example of that, and if you’re looking for a role model to start off your own adventures, he’s a great contender!

#5. Heath Kirchart’s Net Worth

Although there is nothing to confirm Heath Kirchart’s net worth, we do know that he was at the top of the game back in the day. It is estimated that a pro skater could earn around $200,000 in prize money, depending on the event. Not to mention endorsement deals and sponsorships, which we know Kirchart has plenty of.

According to, snowboarder/skater Shaun White, earns a sweet $2.0 million just in endorsements alone. Tony Hawk, the pro who is the top earner of the charts, is said to have an estimated net worth of a whopping $120.0 million! Who knew the sport most moms cringe at could make for such a lucrative career!