Season 10 third-place winner, Hannah Huston returned to The Voice for a special performance of her new single, “I Alone Have Loved You,” on Tuesday. Who is Hannah Huston? She was the Team Pharrell Williams member who stood out on the NBC competition show earlier this year.

The pre-school teacher auditioned with a rendition of Allen Stone’s “Unaware,” and showed her confident, powerful performance ability and her top-notch singing voice. The judges waited until the end of her song, and when she hit those final huge notes, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell turned their chairs around. She made it! She continued performing on the show, blowing away the judges and audience members week after week. Although she did not win in season 10 of The Voice, fans loved her so much that she was invited back to the show to perform on Tuesday. Two weeks ago, fans had the opportunity to vote for which alumni they wanted to see on the stage again. Out of all the votes, Huston won the most, and traveled to Los Angeles earlier this week to prepare for her guest appearance. If you want to watch the December 6 performance of Hannah Huston’s new song, and learn more about the talented singer and school teacher, keep reading our Hannah Huston wiki.

Hannah Huston’s Career Beginnings

Hannah Huston almost missed her chance in the spotlight. An invitation to audition on The Voice ended up amongst her spam emails, but when she received a second, she began to think twice. After speaking to her long-time friend and collaborator Crystal Davy, and musician and producer Philip Zach, she was encouraged to take the shot. “I think this is something you should definitely do,” said Zach. “This is too big; it’s just too big to ignore. Because even if you don’t go all the way to the end of it, it’s going to give you so much experience and it’s going to introduce you to so many interesting people who you’re going to be inspired by. You’re going to learn how to do things better, you’re going to get feedback from all these industry professionals, there’s just no reason not to do it.” It’s a good thing she took his advice!

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At the time, Huston was a year into her career as a preschool teacher at Lincoln’s Arnold Elementary School. She never expected her music career would run full-time. “I’ll be teaching and in the off-time, I’ll write an album,” said Huston. “It was never legitimate for me to leave work.” Writing music was always a side project when Huston had extra time and energy. “I never thought I would be a musician. I still even have a hard time calling myself that,” she said. She quickly moved up the ranks in the preliminary to the live auditions and before she knew it, she was one of the top three finalists on season 10 of The Voice.

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Huston shared the whole experience with David McGee of Corn Nation and said in mid-May 2016 that even though the competition had only begun, she felt she already won. “I feel like I’ve already gotten out of it what I needed. I got the friendships, I got the relationships, I got to work with Pharrell, I got to do these big things that I never could have done had I continued teaching and stayed here in Nebraska, which would have still been beautiful and lovely. This just was completely God’s will in my life that I go and do this and by His grace, survived.” Hannah Huston’s age is only 25 and she has already accomplished so much in her early life!

Huston’s New Song

On Tuesday’s The Voice, Huston took the stage to sing a soothing rendition of her song, “I Alone Have Loved You.” According to the original music video that she shared on her YouTube channel in January 2015, the song was inspired by a painting by Andrew Wyeth entitled “Christina’s World.” The painting was featured at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. The lyrics of the song have caused confusion for some of her fans. Lyris like “Oh, me and my love / She must not turn around,” and “I will never leave you, though they all may see you / I alone have loved you,” have caused some fans to wonder, is Hannah Huston gay? There has been no evidence of this speculation, and it could be argued that she is singing the song from the perspective of Wyeth, as he painted the woman in his art piece. Other parts of the lyrics also lead to this theory, “But her windblown hair / It’s like the brushstroke fair / Draws me to this hall… / To our midnight hunt / I know what she wants.” The painting shows a woman sitting in an empty field, wind blowing through her hair as she stares off at a dark house in the distance.

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Hannah Huston’s songs from The Voice and her single, “I Alone Have Loved You” are available to purchase from Apple’s iTunes. Hannah Huston’s net worth is currently unknown, but if her music career continues to grow as fast as it has in 2016 alone, who knows how far she will go! Check out the video below to see her performance from Tuesday.