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Gretchen Carlson just won her lawsuit against Roger Ailes of Fox News, and many are wondering about the inspiring woman. She is obviously a beautiful woman now, but when Gretchen Carlson was young, her beauty crowned her Miss America 1989! In order to find Gretchen Carlson pictures, many have been searching for terms like, “Gretchen Carlson bikini,” “Gretchen Carlson images,” “Gretchen Carlson pics,” “Gretchen Carlson young,” especially because the former Fox News anchor was once a pageant girl! Gretchen Carlson’s Miss America 1989 photos are a surprising part of her history. Here are five Gretchen Carlson photos you need to see.

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She Used her Status to Make Change Happen

I stand with all women who have suffered sexual harassment. Link to today's piece in my bio. #standwithgretchen

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If there’s one thing to admire about this woman, it’s her wisdom to use her voice to bring out the truth, defend fellow women who were also harassed, and do everything from a positive angle. She strived for justice and standing up for good, instead of using it as an opportunity to get revenge.

She was Crowned “Miss America” in 1989

Welcome to #TBT – on my way to Atlantic City for @missamericaorg to sign copies of my book #GettingReal #inspire #nevergiveup #goforyourdreams #guts

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It was the 62nd Miss America pageant, which was held at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in 1989. Her talent, you ask? She played the violin! She looks just as great as she used to! It must be that smile and positive attitude!

She Made Commercials

In this photo, Carlson seemed excited to look back at her Disney World commercials, which aired during the Superbowl in 1989!

She’s an Author

In Carlson’s book Getting Real, she shares her inspirational life story and offers important insight for all women on how to achieve success and fulfillment in the real world. She shares stories of her childhood, her reporting endeavors, pageant experience, body image, career building, and family life. It’s currently rated 3.9 stars on Goodreads – pick up a copy!

Her Mother is Her Inspiration

The picture says it all! Carlson credits her mom as the inspiration for her book, and of course, her life.

These Gretchen Carlson pictures show how inspiring this woman is, not only because of her successful career and pageant-worthy beauty, but also because she was brave enough to stand against sexual harassment and fight for what is right, no matter the sacrifice.

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