Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

What can be said of Grace VanderWaal that hasn’t been said already? She is gifted, talented and best of all, completely original. She is the favorite to win the top prize on America’s Got Talent 2016 season 11 tonight! Howie Mandel has already announced that he wants her to win the top prize of $1.0 million, and the other judges always give her a standing ovation. They did it yesterday as well, when Grace VanderWaal’s performed her newest original song, “Clay.” The audience also rose to their feet when Grace VanderWaal sang, “I’m Not Clay” as her conclusion to this year’s competition. You can watch the performance of Grace VanderWaal on YouTube, and we will tell you all about it right here!

Can’t Hurt Me

The song was written by VanderWaal herself, just like all the other songs she has performed in this competition. It’s about not letting someone who doesn’t value you, hurt you. Sometimes we love someone so much, that we forget ourselves and become vulnerable. The other person then hurts us with unkind words and actions. In this song, VanderWaal sings about the fact that she is not made of clay, and that she cannot be molded in just any way. She is already so independent at such a young age and already has the confidence to decide who she is, and who she wants to be.

A Standing Ovation

The song started off slowly but then it built up beautifully, with VanderWaal almost screaming the words at the end of the song, affirming of her independence, inner strength and the intensity of her exceptional talent. As always, she played the ukulele, with the help of a violinist in the background. It was yet another amazing song, sung in an amazing fashion. No wonder she got a standing ovation from all the judges and the audience! With many already recording their own versions of her catchy tunes, the lyrics to her songs are being heavily searched! So, if you want to know the words to Grace VanderWaal’s song “Clay,” just click below!