If you’re looking for General Hospital spoilers, then you’ve come to the right place. Ever since Friday’s episode, viewers have been desperate for General Hospital spoilers and scoops to find out what’s coming up, and what drama will unfold. If you’re one of these people, then keep reading our spoilers for General Hospital.

Of course, before getting into the General Hospital updates and spoilers, we’ll go through a quick General Hospital recap to make sure you’re up to speed on what everyone’s been up to on the show. Diane and Jason finalize the paperwork for the purchase of Julian’s media company at her New York office. While Sam doesn’t know much about the industry, she agrees to help Julian run the company.

A Little Hide & Seek

Huxley and Patient Six are at a bar in New York when cops show up looking for Six. The bartender pretends not to have seem him, and then realizes that they aren’t, in fact, real cops. The faux cops leave the bartender some cash, and she says she’ll call if she sees him. Six slipped out when they were there, but comes back in after they leave—the bartender hands him the cash, and he giver her Huxley’s watch. As soon as Huxley and Six leave, Jason and Sam stroll in for a drink, and obviously realize that the bartender is wearing Huxley’s watch.

Next, we see Griffin and Ava in bed, and Griffin’s getting up to leave. He talks about finalizing his decision to leave the priesthood. Ava thinks he believes they made a mistake, but Griffin reassures her that it wasn’t a mistake, and that he’s now closer to clarity.

General Hospital Spoilers

Now that everyone’s caught up on the main points from the recent episode, we can move on to the spoilers! The truth is, we don’t know much, but we can always speculate what these spoilers mean for the upcoming episodes. We do know that on the next episode of General Hospital, Carly will learn something upsetting, Franco will be haunted by his nightmares, and Stella will make progress in Port Charles.

It’s also been said that Patient Six will face some challenging times in the upcoming episodes, having his heart broken when he finds out Sam has a new man in her life. He’ll also have to move quickly because the guards are on his toes as he heads for Port Charles.

Jason is determined to stick to his plan, since he knows how much having a safe life means to Sam, which is why he’ll have to fight temptation when Sonny faces some potential danger.

Sam has an announcement for her loved ones—and it seems like something good! Her big news will be cause for a celebration with Jason, but their happiness could be dampened by the problems afoot with Patient Six.

It’s also rumored that Dr. Klein will make an effort to fix his complicated situation, since Patient Six left him in such a bind. We’re not sure whether Dr. Klein will try to handle things from Russia or make his way to Port Charles to try to gain control of the situation—either way, this spells trouble!