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There’s no doubt that the Game of Thrones cast is by far one of the best we’ve seen on TV in a long time and if you’ve read the books, you’ll know that the Game of Thrones characters truly come to life onscreen. But have you ever wanted to know some of the behind-the-scenes facts about the “got cast”? When you look up “got characters” online, you get a wide range of information thrown at you, but people have been mostly focusing on: The Game of Thrones season 1 cast, Game of Thrones season 2 cast, Game of Thrones season 3 cast, and Game of Thrones season 6 cast.” Here are five interesting “got cast” facts from the hit HBO show.

Arya Stark

Fans know Arya Stark as the formerly blind and formidable warrior but the actress that plays her (Maisie Williams) actually wanted to be a dancer. Williams attended the Susan Hill school of Dancing until she was 10, and there’s even a video of her performing in a flash mob that has since gone viral online. Hard to imagine her dancing without her trusty sword, Needle!

Sansa Stark

Fans had a chance to see Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) play the iconic role of telepathic mutant, Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. Turner read some of the comic books and is a fan of the franchise, having seen all the previous films. She was no doubt thrilled to play the role of an 80s version of Jean Grey.

Full Monty

The Game of Thrones cast is known for being contractually nude at least once per episode (not really but possibly) so it’s no surprise that the cast is full of real porn stars. That’s right! The show’s producers cast a series of porn stars, such as Australian amateur porn actress Aeryn Walker, who played one of Craster’s many wives in season four.

Walk of Shame

Cersei Lannister’s season five walk of shame was actually a body double! Actress Lena Headey chose not be nude “for several reasons” and wanted to focus on the emotional aspect of the scene. Instead, American actress Rebecca Van Cleave acted as a body double and spent days studying Headey’s movements, while Headey wore a beige outfit. Only Headey’s face was featured and special effects matched the facial expressions with the physical movements. Headey applauded her body double for her courage and amazing work ethic. The scene’s chapter in the book and the TV show was modeled after Jane Shore, a mistress of King Edward IV, whose punishment was given after he died.

The Accents

Though the show uses a series of actors like Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey sporting authentic British accents, not all of the actors are actually British. Tyrion Lannister is actually American actor Peter Dinklage, who tries his best to sound as English as possible for the show. Carice Van Houten, who plays the Red Priestess Melisandre, is a Dutch native.

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