Did Fatboy SSE and Fetty Wap Just Collaborate. Credits: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

About Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough
Known AsFatboy SSE
Age30 Years
BirthNovember 16, 1993 Irvington, New Jersey
CountryLos Angeles, New Jersey
JobRapper, Comedian, Social Media Star
Net Worth$500,000

Hilarious Instagram star Fatboy SSE comes from a background full of hustling and jail time in Jersey. The rapper/comedian paved his way into hip-hop a few years ago, and looks to be only a few records away from becoming a worldwide sensation! Fatboy SSE’s wiki reveals more about his drug-dealing past.

Who Is Fatboy SSE?

The “Dancing Diamonds” singer began his career with YouTube, where he often posted short clips of his antics. The channel soon caught up with the masses who love him for his wild comedy and super funny pranks, which almost always have an underlying social message in them!

He’s mostly known for his riot of a video with 50 Cent.

Born on November 16, 1993, SSE’s real name is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough and he was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey.

The SSE in his name stands for Star Side Entertainment, the “hood” he claims is dear to his heart.

He says he comes from a simple background, but he and his family have always been happy and content while he was growing up.

“I was a fat cool n****r selling drugs and s**t,” Fatboy SSE said in an interview. He was 14, when he was peddling drugs on the streets of New Jersey.

The now 24-year-old said that he wanted out of that life, and even got a job at a Chipotle joint. But was fired for constantly being late, and for allegedly stealing food from the restaurant.

Things were looking bleak for SSE, when he a friend suggested that he start making some short videos, putting his amazing sense of humor to good use.

SSE’s short clips soon found their way onto people’s phones through YouTube, and a fan following sprouted out of it.

Social media users wanted to see more of Fatboy SSE’s knee-slapping videos, which showcase daily-life situations with a funny twist. After the popularity, he started his Instagram page @FatboySSE.

Today, he has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram alone. And though he shifted his focus from YouTube Instagram, he still has over 60k subscribers on YouTube.

Not a Normal Childhood

SSE’s videos feature a very non-glamorous squad, which include his friends and family from time to time.

SSE’s role models are his parents, and it looks like his father works as a security personnel.

He has two brothers and opened up about how even though his parents both worked, they lived paycheck to paycheck, which meant he couldn’t have everything he wanted.

That’s how he got into hustling selling weed and other drugs. He said he even sold cellphones in the locker room to make some extra cash.

Did you know Fatboy SSE’s nickname when he was younger was Boobie? He dropped out when he was in the 12th grade, not graduating high school because he failed in too many classes.

His mother, Ann, is featured in some of his videos, and SSE’s dream is to earn around $5.0 million in the next five years to keep his parents and his family comfortable and happy. In fact, he could be well on his way there, with some reports already estimating Fatboy SSE’s net worth at $400,000!

His current net worth of half a million dollars is rising fast, and by the looks of his singles and album sales, he just might be able to achieve his dreams soon!

Fatboy SSE’s girlfriend, Jas goes by the social media handle @bigbra_jas and she is also active on his Instagram page. She is also featured in many of his videos.

The couple have inspired many people and fans love them for being so raw and simple. And they continue to give everyone #couplesgoals with how completely in love with each other they are!

Fatboy SSE began his comedic career following in the footsteps of his cousin, Darius Kinney or Darius DK. The duo have featured in several videos doing the same kind-of whacky comedy, which has gained them their popularity.

From Tyriq to Fatboy

Accompanied by cousin Darius DK, friends Ray Hutch (aka Fressh 2SS), and his girlfriend Jas, SSE became an Internet sensation through his off-track video concepts.

SSE was thrown out of school and was arrested when he was young, specifically from the ages of 18 through 22. Though his duration was not more than 30-40 days each time he was behind bars, it was an eye-opening experience for the rapper.

It was all troubles with the law and money, before he decided that he wanted to set things straight.

Not just for himself, but for his family and his people too. “I was young and stupid, I was young and dumb,” SSE said in an interview, recalling the time when he was caught up in all the wrong things.

He was suspended from school because he was a straight-up trouble maker, and one time he even clapped back to a teacher for calling him dumb! SSE called her a b***h back, and he admitted he would often cause trouble with his other teachers, too.

But things began to change for SSE, when in his sophomore year he entered a talent competition. He says that the competition made him realize that he was not going to “live the regular life” anymore!

It was singing competition and SSE had recorded a song. He chose Drake’s “Fancy”, which was going to be his inspiration.

But when he got up on stage, SSE recalls that in the middle of his set, he forgot the words to his own lyrics! But the fumble did not deter SSE, rather he was fired up to do something more in the field and prove to people that he was going to be successful.

Fatboy SSE’s Surging Hip-Hop Career

Though his initial orientation was towards rap and singing, the 24-year-old took to social media with his comedic timing.

SSE is a huge fan of Meek Mill, and says he would love to work with him in the future. He was inspired by stars like Will Smith and Jamie Foxx, and as a young adult he always wanted to become like them.

He was never into stand-up comedy, but he loves his “Instagram stand up” which is what he calls his online profession.

He put himself out in front of everyone over and over again until he gained a significant fanbase. In turn, that fanbase ended up following his musical side, too.

Today, Fatboy SSE is known for songs like “Found Myself” ft. Lil Yachty, “Thank The Lord” ft. Fetty Wap, “Upset,” “It Look Right” and albums and mixtapes like A Fat Kid Loves Cake and 2 Fat.

But his video with 50 Cent is what put SSE on the map, where the duo are both seen showing their comical sides! 50 Cent shared and promoted SSE on Instagram, which received more than 1.0 million views.

He was also helped by Diddy in the past, when he made SSE realize that he was the “now” or the next “it” thing in the industry.

The Sweet Flipside to Fatboy SSE

If you thought, SSE was only about making people laugh and making money, then this rapper is full of surprises!

He believes in giving back to the society and holds high regards for charity and promoting youth. There are several videos where you can see SSE helping the poor and the homeless with new clothes, fresh food, shoes, and money.

His “Fatboy Gang” supports his thoughts and helps him give back as much as possible.

He also loves little babies and kids, and makes funny and sweet SSE-style videos with them too. Take a look at one such video below:

Fatboy SSE is all about helping the youth of the country as well, for which he is highly appreciated by his fans and followers.

There are several occasions where SSE has made people smile by helping them. He says that the youth in America needs to be supported for “they are the future.”