Lil Xan (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Billboard)


Social media user claimed Lil Xan was found dead in Miami on April 10, 2018.




Many people recently took to Twitter and posted tweets claiming that 21-year-old rapper Lil Xan is dead! But is it really true? Did Lil Xan die? No! The news about Lil Xan’s death is not true, and we at are here to tell you why!

Diego Leanos, the 21-year-old rapper known by his stage name, Lil Xan, is currently in the limelight. Not because of his rap music, but because several people are wondering if Lil Xan is alive or dead!

At least two people recently took to Twitter and posted that Lil Xan was found dead in Miami and the news spread swiftly. It birthed the rumor and people began to search for the truth. So, is Lil Xan dead?

However, the news appears to be fake. Lil Xan is very much alive, and there is no news about him being ill or dead.

In fact, posted an article titled, “Lil Xan Dead At Age 21.” The date of the article is not mentioned, but it says that Lil Xan died at around 2:08 a.m. in a car crash while under the influence of marijuana and “lean”, which is a mix of jolly ranchers, sprite, and codeine.

However, the top of the article reads, “You Got Owned,” and further states, “You’ve Been Pranked!” This means that the article is fake, and Lil Xan is very much alive.

Lil Xan Going Through a Hard Time?

Although we know the news about Lil Xan being dead is fake, we can’t ignore the fact that he is going through a tough time.

On Saturday (April 7), the 21-year-old rapper posted a series of tweets that suggest he is probably going through something serious.

In one of the tweets, Lil Xan mentions being heartbroken and having anxiety. He also said that he is a human being and is just like everybody else.

In the next tweet, Lil Xan mentions that he is going through some things mentally. But he said that he will fight it because he wants to prove to his fans that they are not alone, no matter what is going on in their lives.

Lil Xan was supposed to do a show in Dallas but canceled it because of a personal problem and travel issues. He also said that he was planning a free show for everybody in Dallas.

Many people were upset when Lil Xan canceled the show. But his fans took his side and said that they understand what he is going through and support him no matter what!