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Caroline is the newest teen pop sensation you need to watch out for! The multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter/dancer/actress/YouTuber has been building her legion of fans with the release of her latest songs “I Know Better” and “We Should Break Up.” Her relatable lyrics and inspiring personality have charmed her BFFs, as her fans are called. Caroline has also used her platform to help teens struggling with mental health issues. It’s unbelievable how much this young songstress has accomplished by herself. Caroline speaks to about what drives her lyricism and what’s made her passionate about the cause of mental health.

Quick Facts:


Favorite Movie/TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Song You Can’t Stop Listening to: Better Man

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter

Pet Peeve: People who are judgmental

One Thing You Can’t Live Without: My phone

I Know Better Caroline music

Photo Credits: Caroline What got you into music and dance? Any particular inspirations?

I joined choir in school and loved it! It was such a great outlet and always helped me when I felt defeated.

ETN: How did your professional career start? Is there one producer who first saw your potential?

I worked with a couple producers in the beginning who were all really talented and amazing, It was a great opportunity to get the songs that I’d been writing recorded.

ETN: How do you use social media (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram) to get your music out there?

Social media has been amazing in spreading awareness for my music! Tik Tok is amazing because you get to see people interact with your music.

ETN: Tell us about your song-writing process for “On & Off” and “We Should Break Up.”

They both came from personal experience, I had started with some ideas and brought them into the studio. Writing the songs was a release and the lyrics in both songs really mean a lot to me. But I love how it’s still a fun, catchy beat with a meaningful message.

ETN: You do a lot to spread awareness about teen mental health. What made you passionate about this issue?

When I first started on Instagram I got a lot of messages on social media from teens who were suicidal, I knew that I had to educate myself and know how to say the right thing. Also, in middle school so many kids in my class were struggling with very deep depression and I think because of being 12-19 not many adults take it seriously. There was a vibe of “Oh, you’re 12, how depressed can you be,” and they don’t take the precautions and then it’s too late. It felt like a issue that desperately needs awareness and a reduced stigma.

ETN: How do you want to help your young fans, aka BFFs, take care of their mental health?

I hope to support them and let them know that they are not alone and that getting help is great! I also hope to encourage them if they are not in a position where they can get treatment to still find the right person in their life who they can talk to, be aware of their mental health triggers, find an outlet and other coping mechanisms that work for them.

caroline we should break up

Photo Credits: Caroline

ETN: What are Caroline’s fashion essentials?

Definetly headbands, belts, glitter. dresses, my faux fur coat, and gloves.

ETN: Describe a memorable moment with a BFF.

There have been so many but my favorite is the first BFF that I ever met at one of my first concerts! She was SO sweet and even wrote a letter to me!! It was very special!

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ETN: How are you spending quarantine?

A lot of releasing music and studying.

ETN: Any milestones you hope to hit with your social media strategy?

I hope to get more people to listen to my music!

ETN: What’s your dream collaboration?

I’d love to collaborate with anyone who would collab with me! I think a DJ would be pretty cool though.

ETN: Any plans to try different avenues like fashion or acting?

For sure, I’m very open to everything I love the fashion accessories I’ve been able to do and my dream is to start a non-profit.

ETN: What are your future plans academically and professionally? (Album, tours, etc.)

I really want to do a double album and hopefully tell a lot of stories.

ETN: What is the ultimate dream for you?

I’d love to put out an album that is truly a body of work, aka sonically and lyrical cohesive.

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