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Fullscreen’s Worth a Shot premiered on July 19 and it’s definitely the show you need to be watching this summer! It’s widely referred to as the drunk version of Shark Tank and it may inspire some to start some interesting drinking games of their own! Read on for our exclusive interview with one of the funniest women we’ve ever met (and co-host of the new show), Violet Benson! 

The podcast description reads: “Co-hosts, Skyy John (YouTuber Tipsy), along with Violet Benson (Daddy Issues Instagram star) take over popular Los Angeles bars, as boozed up contestants compete and flex their creative muscle to determine which drunk idea is worth a shot. Using only a cocktail napkin and some liquid courage, spirited contestants pitch everything from a singing pipe named “Jon Bong Jovi” to furry vibrators to a giant garbage-eating octopus, for their chance to win a cash prize. With Skyy and Violet calling the shots, only the two most ‘gin’uinely’ great ideas will make it to the final round.”

With an intro like that, you know we had to meet the hosts of the show for an exclusive interview, and as expected, Violet Benson did not disappoint! We’ve got her exclusive interview about what fans can expect from the show, and what Violet is up to, and how she’s handling life as an Instagram star!

Q: Do you post your own content?

A: Yes and no. Sometimes I do—the videos are my own but with the memes, I’ll tag where I got it from or give it a watermark to give the credit. I wish I could make all content with no team, no help, and I do my best and the honest truth is people don’t care, they just want to laugh. People steal my memes all the time and I don’t get mad, I’d be a hypocrite if I did. I consider it an honor and it’s all about making people happy.

Q: How does Instagram pay you?

A: Instagram doesn’t pay me, or anyone really! It’s more about if people partner up with me and I want to continue to make people laugh. I also have my online shop called and I sell accessories and clothes.

Q: Do you reply to followers?  

A: I do, I really enjoy it. I have less time now for DMs and emails, but at night I’ll open my DMs and write actual essays. And emailing me shows they care and that makes me happy.

Violet Benson

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Q: Are you currently dating anyone?

A: Not right now, no. I’m doing so much work and I’m just focusing on me. I’m always disappointed with guys, but if I have a free minute I’ll try and date. I’m not going to revolve my schedule around someone else, but maybe I’ll meet the right person. I’m much better at giving advice—I never listen to my own advice [laughs]!

Q: Do you have any dating tips?

A: Sometimes guys suck, guys are haters. Girls fall in love and want to talk, but guys don’t want girls who are needy, or worried if he stops liking you or he gets bored. So, I’ like to give advice on what no to do …or just give up [laughs]. That’s my advice!

Q: How’s the show? What are you working on next?

A: We (Skyy John) have good chemistry and it was really fun to shoot! I find people are funnier when they’re drunk and I did have fun. It was interesting to hear people’s drunk ideas [laughs]. I have two other projects for TV that I’m involved in, but we’re still in contracts so I can’t get into it too much. Other than that I plan to shop, blog, Instagram and YouTube.