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Eric Bellinger’s wife, La’Myia Good is a celebrity who has a very positive outlook on life. She was recently candid about not feeling “photoshoot ready” because of her post-pregnancy body.

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger’s wife, La’Myia Good is a breath of fresh air. Though she does not have a Facebook account, she regularly keeps her fans updated with her charity work, son, and photo shoots. Eric Bellinger and La’Myia Good became parents in 2015  and have been wonderful at raising their son, Elysha. To learn more about multi-talented Good, including how she earned her net worth of approximately $1.0 million, read on.

Does Not Feel “Photoshoot Ready”

La’Myia Good’s Instagram account boast more than 1,500 posts, most of which are dedicated to the fun times she spends with her sisters and husband. The actress is not one to do something she does not want to, and a recent photo shoot was no different. While in the middle of a photoshoot with her husband, she was not afraid to let people know that, “I feel like I’m not at my best and that’s definitely got me feeling a little weird”.

Age and Background

Born in 1979 to Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, her sister’s eventual manager, and Leon Good, an LAPD officer, in Panorama City, California, La’Myia Good’s age is 38. Her paternal grandmother was half Puerto Rican and black, while her paternal grandfather was from Barbados. La’myia Good’s sister is Megan Good, and their cousin is singer-actor Dijon Talton.

A “Cereal” Dater

While some couples go all out when it comes to going on extravagant and romantic dates, that is not Eric Bellinger and La’Myia Good’s style. Inspired by her favorite food, their first romantic date was all about cereal.  As La’Myia fondly remembered her first date, she said, “He called me one night and asked what I was doing. I told him I was preparing cereal. Our first date ended up being a cereal date because that’s my favorite food. So the coolest thing was that our first date was a cereal date; I came over and this guy had a whole set-up of just cereal. It was classic.”

Playing Her Own Tune

When it comes to feeling confident she says, “I feel good about myself. People post stuff everyday when they feel good about themselves. I don’t understand what the shame or the embarrassment is. I work very hard to keep myself fit.” It looks like La’myia Good’s son will be raised with the same mindset, and grow up to be happy and confident.

Good definitely walks the walk, as we saw during her latest photoshoot. She definitely puts her and her family’s happiness and well-being to the forefront, and her fans admire her for that!