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Have you ever wondered what Mariah Carey’s bathtub looks like?  If so, then head over to the singer’s Instagram page, where she gives fans a preview of what a Mariah Carey Valentine’s Day looks like!

Mariah Carey Instagram

It looks like Mariah is in the Valentine’s Day mood and isn’t afraid to show it to the world! The picture was captioned “#fbf in a bathtub full of candy and balloons on Valentine’s Day! Should I do it again this year?”

We have no doubt that a resounding “Hell yes!” from her fans is likely, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Mariah indeed re-created the Valentine’s Day post! The question on everyone’s mind, is who could her lucky Valentine be this year, now that she has split from former fiance, James Packer!

More like, James Packer who? It looks like Mariah has moved on after another Mariah Carey break up, and she’s doing just fine without her billionaire ex-fiancé!

The Mariah’s World star is currently dating costar and boy toy dancer, Bryan Tenaka, so this Valentine’s Day might have something fun in store for the two of them! Let’s hope she posts it on her account so we can get the scoop!


Instagram/ Mariah Carey

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