Pusha T attends Variety's Hitmakers Brunch presented by Peacock | Girls5eva on December 04, 2021 in Downtown Los Angeles. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Variety)

Pusha T’s new song for 2016 is finally out! The Bronx rapper has released his new single, which features Jay-Z. Pusha T and Jay-Z have collaborated on “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” which is now out on Tidal. Soon after the song’s release, hip hop listeners around the world are really excited to listen to Jay-Z and Pusha T together. The number of  “Drug Dealers Anonymous” downloads on Tidal is shooting through the roof, and the song is spreading like wildfire! Thanks to that controversial part in the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” lyrics, Pusha T and Jay-Z’s new single is turning out to be the most trending song this week.

Everybody wants to listen to this controversial part of the song, and that’s why they are looking up for the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” stream on the Internet. Many of us are checking for ways to listen to “Drug Dealers Anonymous” for free, just to hear what all the fuss is about. While you can listen to the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” preview on Tidal, you will have to download the entire song to get to the contentious part.

And about that controversial part, you’d be surprised to know what Pusha T and Jay-Z have used a voice sample for the bridge in “Drug Dealers Anonymous.” The sample is the most disputed part of TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren’s “Final Thoughts” recordings, which went viral in early 2016. If you remember, Tomi Lahren went on air in February and blasted Beyonce over her Lemonade album and music videos, as well as her rapper-husband, Jay-Z.

After reading the “Drug Dealers Anonymous” lyrics on Genius.com, you see the words used by Tomi Lahren to describe Jay-Z. Check out “Drug Dealers Anonymous” to hear what the rapper has to say to Lahren’s insult. You can download Pusha T and Jay-Z’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous” exclusively on Tidal.