Donny Aaron, Husband of Andrea Lee (Photo: Instagram/karatemafiamma)

About Donny Aaron
SpouseAndrea Lee
AddressShreveport, Los Angeles
CountryUnited States
JobMuay Thai Coach
ConvictedNegligent homicide with a firearm in 2009
AccusedDomestic violence
Instagram Profilekaratemafiamma

Donny Aaron has been in trouble with the law several times in his life. He is UFC fighter Andrea Lee’s husband and an ex-police officer himself. But he was convicted for negligent homicide by a firearm in 2009 after having shot a man seven times, claiming that he did it in self-defense. Years after serving his sentence, he also got into trouble for sporting tattoos of Nazi symbols on his arms. Now, he is on the run after an alleged display of domestic violence against his wife.

Andrea Lee’s husband, Donny Aaron, is in the news again—and not for good reasons. He is being accused of being involved in a domestic violence dispute with his wife that occurred earlier this month. Aaron’s offenses are that of false imprisonment and domestic abuse and battery.

According to reports, he has not been charged or arrested because he had fled from the scene on the night or early morning of the incident. However, due to his shady past, many are now looking to learn more about the UFC fighter’s husband as he’s been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

His Wife Is a Ranked UFC Fighter

Aaron’s wife, Andrea Lee, is an American kickboxer and mixed martial artist. She has competed in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

According to the latest reports, Lee is the No. 12 ranked contender in the official UFC flyweight rankings.

Donny Aaron's Wife

Donny Aaron with his wife, Andrea Lee. (Photo: Instagram/karatemafiamma)

This is not the first time that Aaron has been in trouble with the law. In fact, some time back, he was the law! He was once a police officer who later left the force and ventured into the world of sports.

Aaron Shot a Man Dead in 2005

In February 2005, Aaron killed a man named Ronald Jamison during a confrontation outside of Aaron’s home.

According to the Shreveport Police, Donny Aaron arrived home to find Jamison in a car in his driveway. There was a brief stare down between the two men, and then Jamison started to leave but stopped suddenly.

As per the reports, Aaron then went up to Jamison’s car, and the matter got out of hand. That’s when Aaron pulled out his gun and shot Jamison seven times.

Aaron maintained that Jamison had threatened him, and he thought that Jamison was going for his gun, which is why he shot him in “self-defense.” However, no gun was found in Jamison’s car, and the only witnesses to the shooting were Aaron and his then-girlfriend.

He Was Convicted of Negligent Homicide with a Firearm

The prosecutors wanted to nail Aaron for manslaughter, which (if they had proved) would have sent Aaron to jail for up to 40 years.

However, the defense argued that Aaron was just acting in self-defense because he had thought at that moment that Jamison was reaching for a gun.

The jury deliberated and finally convicted Aaron for “negligent homicide with a firearm” and sentenced him to up to five years in prison. It was 2009 when the verdict was announced.

Aaron Has Tattoos of Nazi Symbols on His Arms

Years later, after his release, Aaron married Andrea Lee in 2013 and later became her coach. He also trained other fighters in the art of kickboxing and mixed martial arts. He seemed to have moved on from his past behind bars and put all his energy into his passion for training others in martial arts.

His life with his new wife, Andrea Lee, also seemed to be going well. As her trainer, the two looked like a great team.

But many did not forget his sketchy past and the time he spent in prison for the death of Jamison. It was a crime that had many debating on both sides of the matter, especially since he’d been called a racist in the past and Jamison was unarmed.

Many were up in arms that the MMA and UFC associations continued to allow him to be involved at such a high level. Others believed he was a changed man.

Then, in June 2018, Aaron tweeted a photo of himself with Lee, in which a “swastika” tattoo was visible on his left arm. It again stirred up the controversy of his time behind bars for the death of Ronald Jamison, with more on his past criminal behavior being dug up.

Later, people also found a photo of Aaron’s right arm on social media, in which there was a tattoo of a “Nazi SS” bolt symbol. Both symbols inked on Aaron’s body are considered as Neo-Nazi hate symbols.

However, both Aaron and Lee were adamant that the symbols tattooed on his body were that of a man he used to be and not who he is now. So, why not have them covered?

He Had to Issue a Public Apology

The tattoos ignited much controversy and people were upset. So much so, that Aaron had to issue a public apology, in which he said that he was sorry for offending people with his tattoos, adding that he had got them during his stint in prison years ago.

He said that the tattoos were symbols of his past and not of his present or future. He claimed that he is now a changed man and those tattoos do not reflect the man he is today.

Donny Aaron's Apology

Photo: Twitter/outlawmuaythai

However, Aaron refused to remove the offending tattoos or cover them with other tattoos, saying that they were not “options” for him. He did concede one thing: that he would wear long-sleeved clothes in public to cover his Nazi symbols.

Even Andrea Lee came to her husband’s defense over the highly offensive ink, and in a now-deleted Twitter post, she wrote, “It’s just a Nazi tattoo. You sensitive-ass mofos.”

That did not go over well with the Twitterverse, and she also received much backlash for it. After removing the tweet, she later posted an apology begging her fans to forgive her.

The Latest: Domestic Violence Allegations 

Now, Aaron has got himself into trouble once again; this time for allegedly assaulting Lee! The matter is serious, and this time, a witness is claiming that they saw Aaron’s domestic violence first-hand.

Reports are surfacing that Andy Nguyen, a friend of Andrea Lee’s who currently lives with the couple and their daughter, filed a police report. It detailed the assault that took place on the night of August 4 and into the morning of August 5.

Nguyen claimed that following the UFC 227 fight that evening (which they watched on Pay-per-view), she heard Aaron and Lee arguing through the night, even after she went to bed.

At about 4:30 a.m., she woke up to the couple still bickering and the dog barking, and then it went silent. But she heard Lee yelling, “Stop, stop!” So, she got out of her bed to check it out.

Nguyen said Aaron was drunk (as he’d been drinking for days) and hadn’t slept. He was acting completely crazy and was physically assaulting Lee, while accusing her of cheating on him for years (something he apparently built up in his mind). That’s when Lee allegedly ran out of the house barefoot, fleeing their home.

“Then he saw her running and he was like “oh, no you’re not” and went after her,” explained Nguyen, detailing the incident.

“She’s sprinting. It’s 5:30 a.m. I put on my gym clothes to chase after if I had to. Donny goes back in the house and he’s like ‘I did it again, I did it again.’ I was like ‘what did you do? Did you kill her?’ because he has killed someone before. I didn’t know if he grabbed a rock and banged her head. I was scared to walk outside. He was like no ‘I made her run barefoot again.’ I told him to give me the keys to the jeep and he refused because he thought she would think it is him and would not stop,” she added.

According to Nguyen, Aaron finally gave her the keys and she drove to the gas station to get gas (as the jeep was empty) and while there, she phoned the police. She said she was not there when the cops arrived at the home and that Aaron had fled from the house and has been missing since.

“They had been arguing all week. She couldn’t train because he kept her home. He wouldn’t let her leave. I didn’t call the cops until it got physical and I couldn’t do nothing anymore.”

Nguyen added, “He was trying to choke her, but she was defending herself well. She didn’t get beat up bad. The police did take pictures of marks on her neck. Wasn’t bad this time. No black eyes or anything but he has hit her before. I just wasn’t there. He was my coach and my friend. This was the first time this was in [my] presence and I was not going to let this fly.”

Nguyen added that the domestic violence has been going on for years, but she had never personally witnessed it until now. She also alleged that the UFC even offered to cover up Donny Aaron’s tattoos for free, but that he refused their offer.

A police report has reportedly been filed with details still pending on the case.

Police report obtained by Addresses and phone numbers have been removed.