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Donald Trump has been in the news around the clock and so far, none of it is anything positive. At Donald Trump’s age (70) and running for the position of U.S. President, you think he would know better and be more careful about what he says (in private and in public). After hearing about all the Donald Trump rape accusations that have been circulating, everyone wants to know all about the infamous politician. So, we have decided to give you an updated Donald Trump wiki!

If you’ve been searching terms online such as, “Donald Trump news,” “Donald Trump quotes,” and “Donald Trump children,” then keep reading, because we have the information you need right here.

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Net Worth

Donald Trump’s net worth is $3.7 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in the entire world. The Republican presidential nominee acquired his wealth as a real estate mogul and with his long running hit NBC reality TV show, The Apprentice, which ran from 2004 to 2015. Despite filing for bankruptcy in the past, Trump has managed to maintain his wealth and continues to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. He’s also come under fire for not revealing his tax returns in the past or present. He agreed to release his tax returns as long as Hillary Clinton reveals her emails.

Recent Rape Accusations

Trump already has a bad reputation for saying the most outrageous and inappropriate remarks and his recent video tape (involving Today co-anchor, Billy Bush) has sparked public outrage. Now, women from Trump’s past are coming forward with accusations that they were sexually violated by him.

Trump’s sexually suggestive quotes have been made public and have been turned into memes, spreading all over the Internet. The comments made by Trump were referring to current Entertainment Tonight co-host, Nancy O’Dell, who didn’t appreciate the politician’s commentary. Bush, has since been suspended from his job based on his involvement in the tape, and it has been reported that he will make an apology. The popular Today co-anchor, is also worried about the future of his job and how to salvage his image.

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Michelle Obama

Since the tape, other women have been coming forward to tell their stories about Trump’s sexual harassment and alleged rape involvements. Trump has already successfully alienated his own party and has caught the attention of one powerful woman: First Lady Michelle Obama. On Thursday, the first lady gave a riveting speech, rebuking the distasteful sexually aggressive remarks made by Trump. It was the second time Obama called Trump out with another profound and emotional speech. (Sometimes you have to remind yourself that she’s not running for president.)

Trump Family Tree 

When you look up “Donald Trump wife,” you may get a series of answers. That’s because “The Donald” has been down the aisle three times. He now has five kids and eight grandchildren. His first wife was Ivana Trump (1992-1997), then he married Marla Maples (1993-1999), and finally Melania Trump, who married Donald in 2005 and has been with him since. She was under fire for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech during the RNC, but has since denied it.

Donald Trump’s kids are: Donald Junior, Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and Barron. Ivanka is in the media the most out of the children, but the entire family has always defended their father.