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For fans of The Bachelor, this article is for you. We take a look at Dominique Alexis from The Bachelor and her life before this reality show.

It’s a new year and a new day which means that we’re on to a new season of The Bachelor. Yes, cable television’s romantic and occasionally chaotic version of Thunderdome is back. This season, 30 women entered, and one woman leaves. But before you really get into any competition, you need to know the competitors. Their likes and dislikes, their dreams, skills, and talents. This year, Nick Viall has his work cut out for him in choosing a lady that strikes his fancy. In the ladies, you have everything from models to photographers to registered nurses. You have women of various ethnicities and creeds from all over the United States and Canada. Which brings us to Dominique Alexis. Dominque on The Bachelor managed to not only make it past the first cut, but also managed to impress Viall. So for all you Bachelor fans out there, we’ve taken a deep look into Dominique Alexis’ wiki. We’ve dug in and found out as much as we could on Dominique Alexis’ family, and Dominique Alexis’ parents. It’s early in the show but we want to equip you with enough knowledge about Dominique from The Bachelor so you can pick your favorite contestant.

Where is Dominique from The Bachelor From?

Currently she resides in the sunny city of Los Angles. According to the tags on her Instagram and Twitter profiles, the two social media outlets are snippets of “the adventures of a Brooklyn girl in la la land” Why she moved to Los Angles hasn’t been said but she’s on The Bachelor and has a small IMDB page, so we’re betting on the fact that she wants to be an actress.

ONE. MORE. WEEK. Are you ready? ????????????????#thebachelor #bachelornation #bachelorusa

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Dominique Alexis’ Family

Not much is known about her family, but here’s what we’ve gleaned from looking though her various social media homes. Dominique loves her parents but does seem to be a daddy’s girl. She did post a sweet throwback photo of the two of them for Father’s Day. Dominique Alexis’s siblings are a brother who serves in the military. We can’t confirm it yet but it also appears that she may have at least two sisters.

What is Dominique Alexis’ Job?

Remember when we mentioned that we thought Dominique might be trying her hand at acting? We really only have a few pieces of circumstantial evidence to base this one on, but we have some facts to attest to this. Fact one: she moved from New York to L.A. but no reason is stated in her bio. Fact two: she has a small IMDB page with two credits, The Bachelor and as “Ben Affleck Fan” in the short film, I’m Trumping Matt Damon. The third, and most damning piece of evidence, is that Dominique Alexis’s job is listed as a server on her official ABC profile. You cannot enter a restaurant in L.A. without hitting a server who is trying to break in as an actor. We’re pretty sure the serving thing is just until she breaks into show business.

Baby it’s cold outside ????????

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Her Likes

Digging into her social media profile as well as the one ABC has provided has made us sure of one thing: Dominique Alexis loves Chipotle. A lot. She tweets about it, she mentions it in social media, and in her ABC profile it comes up at least twice. She’s also a big fan of dogs, and her favorite tv show is Scandal.

I’ve got so much to be thankful for it’s unbelievable????#happythanksgiving

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Social Media

Dominique Alexis’ Instagram as well as her Twitter account are constantly kept up to date with her latest adventures. On both accounts, there are a ton of Dominique Alexis pics of her having a great time with friends. As she’s a server and not a public figure, Dominique Alexis’ net worth is still a secret.

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