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If you thought your 2017 was gone too fast without much fun, then Netflix is giving you one last chance to turn your frown upside down! Literally y’all! Dave Chappelle’s net worth in 2018 of $42 million is no joke, and we want to share details of this funnyman’s fortune with you guys.

Netflix is undeniably the biggest streaming service in the world, and the magnanimity deserves an enormous goodbye to 2017! So, come December 31, Dave Chappelle’s stand up which went missing for a while is going to make your New Year’s eve the best one so far. The man has reportedly received $60 million for the gig, and we know all about it.

How Much is Dave Chappelle’s Net Worth?

  • Dave Chappelle has been making people laugh since 2003 on TV, and been earning in millions. His currentnet worth is a ludicrous $42 million, and with his latest Netflix deal of $60 million, he’s about to welcome the new year in a grand way.
  • Chappelle’s Show was his biggest recognition, but did you know Dave Chappelle was booed off stage when he debuted in Harlem’s Apollo Theater? He was reportedly paid $5 million per season for his show on TV in 2005. Can’t boo him now!
  • The comedian was an actor before his stand up career, and Dave Chappelle’s movies like The Nutty Professor, Pineapple Express and Undercover Brother, made millions in box office. The Nutty Professor alone made $129 million and You’ve Got Mail grossed a cool $116 million.
  • Chappelle’s comedy majorly focuses on racial comments, and light-hearted jokes on the current political situation across the globe, and Comedy Central picked up this artist in a contract of $55 million, for his weekly comedy sketch, Chappelle’s Show.
  • Yellow Springs, Ohio is where Dave Chappelle’s home is, and the stunning 65-acre farm where his chateau-like home is built on, could cost around $200,000-$600,000 according to
  • It isn’t unknown that the loaded comedian has several other homes in the same area which are all mostly 2500 sq ft and above. But he lives with his wife Elaine and three children in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
  • A man who is this smooth in comedy needs a smooth ride, and he has two! Dave Chappelle’s cars collection include a Lexus LS460 which costs a cool $72,520-120,440, and also owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe which costs $440,825.

Check out Dave Chappelle’s earnings over the years:

2005$12 million
2006$22 million
2013$1 million
2015$7.5 million
2016$16 million
2017$60 million (Netflix deal)
  • The movies Dave Chappelle starred in also raked some pretty good numbers in finances for the actor. He is estimated  to have earned $1 million for Undercover Brother, $1.4 million for Crank Yankers, and a cool $692,905 for Blue Streak.
  • It was only a matter of time, Chappelle becomes the face of brands and promotions, and it is estimated that he earned an average of $200,00 for them.

See Dave Chappelle’s net worth as compared to his contemporaries:

Actor/ComedianNet Worth
Kevin Hart$120 million
Martin Lawrence$110 million
Chris Rock$100 million
Eddie Murphy$85 million
Dave Chappelle$42 million
Damon Wayans$9 million