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Even though Danielle Maltby suffered a tragic loss five years ago, she has overcome it with courage and determination. She is a caring nurse and aspiring model. Maltby is very active on social media and likes to keep her friends and fans informed.

All of the contestants on The Bachelor are beautiful and stunning women. Each one is graceful, ambitious, and determined. Who wouldn’t want to be in Nick Viall’s shoes right now? One of the lovely ladies is 31-year old, Danielle Maltby from Wisconsin. She is spirited and positive and has a generous heart, despite suffering from personal tragedy. People are curious to know about Maltby, and one of the best ways to find out more about her is through her social media accounts. Danielle M. from The Bachelor‘s Instagram pics showcase the blonde beauty having a great time. You can find more on Danielle M. from The Bachelor‘s Instagram, and her username is: dmmaltby.

A Brave and Courageous Woman

On her Instagram profile, Maltby has written, “Strength in mind and a fearless heart.” These are words she has lived by, especially after suffering a tragedy five years ago, when her fiancé Nicholas Haag died of a drug overdose.

Maltby works as a neonatal nurse at Vanderbilt University, and she is also a model. She is 5’10” tall and has had some success in her budding modeling career. Some of her favorite movies are The Sandlot, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Notebook.

She’s Active on Social Media

Maltby likes to keep her friends and fans informed of the events of her life. Danielle M.’s Twitter handle is @daniellemmaltby, and Danielle M.’s Snapchat username is dmmaltby. She is very active on both accounts, with constant updates on her life. Danielle M.’s Facebook username is simply Danielle Maltby, and it’s where you can find tons of her modeling pictures.

Caring for Others

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Danielle Maltby says that the most outrageous thing that she has ever done is move to Nashville after her fiancé’s death and put herself back together. As a neonatal nurse, Maltby not only cares for the infants in the hospital, but also the parents who need support. A strong and caring woman like Danielle Maltby is very difficult to find, and Nick Viall is lucky to have her in his quest for a soul mate.