Photo: ABC / Adam Rose

After 10 weeks of glitter, glam, and gritty ballroom competition, Dancing with the Stars season 25 has a winner! Who won Dancing with the Stars 2017? We’ve got the scoop!

Television’s biggest ballroom competition has a winner! It was down to top three as Frankie Muniz, Lindsey Stirling, and Jordan Fisher gave it their final shot to take the Mirrorball trophy. After a two-night finale and the elimination of Drew Scott and Emma Slater (last season’s winning pro), one of the top three celeb-pro couples were crowned Dancing with the Stars winner 2017. Who took home the invaluable Mirrorball trophy in the finale? Here’s how it all went down on last night’s Dancing with the Stars finale.

Dance for Redemption

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz with Witney Carson, violinist Lindsey Stirling with Mark Ballas, and Broadway’s rising star, Jordan Fisher with Lindsay Arnold who appealed for the votes for a final time as the competition narrowed it’s way to the finale.

In the first part of the finale on Monday night (November 20), the couples, including Property Brother Drew Scott and his partner Emma Slater, performed a redemption dance—an improved version of a routine they’ve already done in the season. The second routine pulled out all the stops in choreography with a freestyle routine.

After Drew and Emma were eliminated, Jordan & Lindsay and Lindsey & Mark were tied at the top of the leaderboard with perfect 40s for both their routines. Frankie & Witney were only slightly behind with two 38s for his routines.

Tuesday night’s finale started out as usual. The tension was thick for the celebs, as well as the pros. Mark Ballas was gunning for his third Mirrorball, Witney for her second, and Lindsay was just praying she’d finally win her first!

The best part of the finale is always the returning of celebrities and pros, along with some amazing guest performers. And we’re always up for our favorite male pros doing a shirtless Santa routine! (They certainly didn’t fail to deliver!)

After Jordan and Lindsay relived their sizzling Samba, Lindsey Stirling had a retake on her pajama party with Mark, while Frankie and Witney got their pirate hats on to redo their Disney routine. Performing their favorite routines earned all three couples perfect 30s each from Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tunoili, and Len Goodman!

Making the night even better, Lindsey Stirling broke out her violin to give us a taste of her upcoming Christmas album, with a performance of “Christmas C’mon” with Becky G. Debbie Gibson and Alan Bersten danced a holiday number to a live performance by Jordan. (And just when we thought he couldn’t get anymore swoon-worthy…)

One Last Dance

Finally, the finalists were faced with their Everest; the 24-hour fusion challenge! They performed a fusion of two dance styles which the celebs learned in just 24 hours.

After reliving their start in the competition, Lindsey and Mark appropriately danced to “Hot 2 Touch” because their Tango-Cha-Cha fusion was righteously hot! They nailed a back-to-back perfect score spree!

Frankie was the true underdog of the competition and his improvement was all thanks to Witney. For their final dance together, they did a Tango-Foxtrot fusion to Avicii’s “Without You,” which got mixed reactions. But as Len Goodman said, he’s the “People’s Champion.” So what if he got a 28?!

Jordan and Lindsay did a fusion of a Salsa and Paso Doble for the last chance vote. They danced to “Kill the Lights” and they absolutely killed it! The crowd in the ballroom went wild from Jordan’s smile alone, and the judges became even bigger fans of Lindsay. Not to mention, it earned them another perfect score!

After the final voting window closes, it’s finally time to announce the results. It was down to Jordan & Lindsay and Lindsey and Mark. And we are happy to report that after 10 weeks, the new Mirrorball champion is…

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold!!

It was the prediction of many from the start, and there’s no denying it was a well-deserved win! Congratulations to the new champions of Dancing with the Stars Season 25!