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Yesterday (July 10) was the final match of the Euro 2016. The match was between Portugal and France. However, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced out of the match in the first half of the game. Find out what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo as he left the ground with tears in his eyes.

Fans all over the world have taken to social media pages to show their support for Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, people have been frantically searching for terms such as “Cristiano Ronaldo injury” and “Cristiano Ronaldo knee injury.” Although the last Portugal goal decided the winner of Euro 2016, fans were disappointed and heartbroken to see Ronaldo in tears.

So, what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo? Portugal was all set to win Portugal vs. France Euro 2016; however, little did we know that Ronaldo had to leave the ground on a stretcher in the first half of the match. The Cristiano Ronaldo knee injury was the reason why he had to leave the game. He was replaced in the first 24 minutes, and Ronaldo was seen crying on the ground and on the stretcher because he could not finish the game.

Sources claim that the Cristiano Ronaldo injury was due to Dimitri Payet’s tackle. The tackle was quite forceful, which resulted in a Cristiano Ronaldo knee injury. The studs of Ronaldo’s shoes got caught in the turf, which resulted in hyper-extension of his knee joint. The Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury was so severe that he was screaming in pain after, which resulted in his leaving the match. However, he continued to play the game, going twice for treatment, but the second time, his knee gave away, and we could see him in tears due to the pain. He was clearly struggling to move around due to his injury; therefore, he decided to leave the ground and paramedics were called to carry him in the stretcher.

He was clearly disappointed because he could not finish the match; however, his disappointment soon turned into celebration because in the end we all know who won Portugal vs. France. Even though Portugal’s excellent team player was injured, that did not stop them from defeating France in the Euro finals 2016. Fans definitely could not see Ronaldo breaking down due to his injury and posted several messages on social media to show that they support him no matter what.

If you missed the match for some reason, then you should know that Portugal were the Euro 2016 champions and took the trophy after defeating France. Several supporters of Ronaldo took his side and showed their appreciation and support.

After the match was over, Ronaldo was seen celebrating the victory with his team members. At least he was happy about the fact that his team won the Euro 2016 finals and will be taking back the trophy. We wish him a speedy recovery and to continue astonishing us with his amazing soccer skills and moves. What do you think about the whole episode? Are you happy that Portugal won the match or did you want France to win? Let us know your opinions on the entire situation in the comments section below!