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If you don’t know Cole LaBrant from the LaBrant family, you must be living under a rock! Either that or you don’t have the Internet. Cole Labrant gained immense Internet fame after becoming a huge Vine star, and since then, his family has become one of America’s favorites. Take a break from the Kardashians and turn your attention to the famous LaBrant family that are rocking the Internet!

Cole LaBrant rose to viral infamy online with his family, and it’s pretty difficult not to fall in love with them almost immediately. Naturally, he took to the Internet to make a big announcement. She said yes! Cole LaBrant recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, and the Internet is beaming with praise for the two. Just days ago, his carpool karaoke with his little girl had us hooked! If you haven’t heard of the Internet sensation, we’re getting you up to speed with our Cole LaBrant wiki, right here.

Best Internet Promposal. Ever.

There are several Internet stars who became even more famous after asking celebs to prom in the most unique ways possible. LaBrant was a student at Enterprise High School in Alabama, when he made a video asking Selena Gomez to his high school prom. People named it among the best Promposals ever!

The hilarious video had a compilation of Gomez’s songs, with LaBrant dancing and acting out the lyrics in true ‘90s music video style. There’s also a part where enters a Walmart dressed like a gladiator, which is definitely the highlight of the video. Sadly, Gomez didn’t accept his promproposal. But her team did contact him to say she saw the video and loved it!


He was on The Amazing Race

Cole and his mother, Sheri LaBrant, traveled around the world on The Amazing Race Season 28. The then 19-year-old Cole conquered his fear of heights by diving off a cliff into the sea. They made it all the way to the final, but finished second.

His father, Ken LaBrant, spoke to the media while his wife and son filmed the show. “Cole and I did a lot of stuff together, but it was a great time to spend with his mom,” he said. “There were comments on social media saying they get along so well and they loved how he treated his mom and they represent, to me, what a mother and son relationship should be.”

Jack does smile….just not for the camera!! ?

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The Internet’s First Family

The LaBrant family has branched out in different sections of the Internet. Cole and his friends, Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice, formed the trio, Dem White Boyz. The trio and Cole’s brother, Jack, made funny Vine videos, which went viral. The trio hasn’t made videos online for a while as they now focus on their joint business, Water Bluff Clothing, Co.

The 19-year-old Jack LaBrant is a Troy University student and USMC Infantry recruit, and an Instagram star with over 147k followers. Cole has a YouTube channel with his fiancée (now wife), Savannah Soutas.

Cole and Jack also have an older brother, Luke, and younger siblings Clay (17), Tate (11), and Lily (8), who aren’t active online. Sheri LaBrant joined her kids on Instagram and has garnered over 56k followers. She even appeared on an episode of Family Feud.


Does Cole LaBrant Have a Daughter?

The 20-year-old Internet superstar posted a video on his YouTube channel, where he had his own version of carpool karaoke with his daughter, Everleigh. But many are wondering, is she really Cole LaBrant’s daughter? She isn’t actually his daughter, but he’s never thought of her as anything but his own. He met Everleigh a year ago when he was 19 and dating her mother, but he’s always welcomed her with open arms. And judging by his frequent posts of the adorable little blonde cherub, he’s certainly happy to be gaining a daughter!

This time last year I met this little girl for the first time. I remember her running up and giving me a hug as I left, and thinking, "it felt like I was saying bye to my daughter"… I was only 19, so becoming a dad to a 3 year old seemed so crazy, but at the same time it always felt so right. Meeting Savannah and Everleigh was always part of God's grander plan. I always prayed growing up for my future wife and whatever she was going through, little did I know she was raising our daughter. This past year has been a whirlwind and an answer to so many prayers of mine. I thank God every day for this sweet girl, and pray God leads me, so that I can properly lead her. Lead her to joy, truth, confidence, a Godly man one day, and most importantly Christ… Wherever you go, whatever you do & decide to be, I'll always love you and always be here for you. I love being your daddy.

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Now that he’s married Savannah, Everleigh is now legally his daughter, and he couldn’t be happier to father this adorable little human. The cute video of the father-daughter duo jamming to hip-hop, metal, country, even Los Lobos’ “La Bamba” will melt your heart! This isn’t the first time Everleigh has joined her parents in their videos. If anything, she is a show-stealer!

Everleigh was with her parents when Cole proposed to Savannah, and yesterday (July 10), the couple tied the knot. The LaBrant family, including Cole and Savannah, can’t stop gushing about the wedding on social media!

We can only hope that the LaBrants get their own reality series, so we can see more of this awesome family!

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