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If you are planning to throw a house party and are tired of listening to the same old songs over and over again, then we have some good news for you music lovers! If you’re in need a good party starter, then you’ve got to give “Cold Water” a listen online. The “Cold Water” Major Lazer lyrics have forced fans to look for a Major Lazer “Cold Water” mp3 and a “Cold Water” listen online in order to hear the band’s latest creation. So, if you’re in love with Beiber’s angelic vocals and want to know more information about this catchy (yet sentimental) party tune, keep reading!

Major Lazer never seems to disappoint its fans, as they’ve been releasing some pretty awesome music. They have also collaborated with several talented artists, the latest being Justin Bieber & Mo. This song is taken from their fourth album Music is the Weapon. It features MØ and Justin Bieber. Major Lazer’s “Cold Water” is written by MØ, Jamie Scott, Ed Sheeran, Diplo, and Justin.

Major Lazer “Cold Water” lyrics are as follows:

Everybody gets high sometimes, you know
What else can we do when we’re feeling low?
So take a deep breath and let it go
You shouldn’t be drowning on your own

And if you feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over
Into cold, cold water for you
And although time may take us into different places
I will still be patient with you
And I hope you know

Justin Bieber fans are pretty excited for this track, as they have yet another song of his to groove on. You can expect to be hearing this one on every radio station, and no doubt clubs are vying to get their hands on the latest remix.  If you are looking for a “Cold Water” Major Lazer live stream or want a “Cold Water” listen online, be warned; this one’s a catchy one! (Would you have expected anything less from the Beibs?) If you are looking for “Cold Water” lyrics, then you can read them here at Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the video of Major Lazer “Cold Water” audio!