Christina Oliva has started making people look good at a very young age. She started her hair extensions business from her parent’s garage at the age of 18 and never looked back. Now, she has a salon in the heart of Manhattan, NYC, and her own TV show called Hair Goddess. All this and she’s just warming up!

Christina Oliva wants to take over New York City. She started by opening a new salon in the heart of Manhattan where she intends to make women feel confident, one hair extension at a time. She’s not alone; she’s got her whole family with and behind her to help. Oliva’s got plenty of practice running a salon. After all, she started her own hair extension business out of her parent’s garage at the young age of 18. This has people curious to know more about her. We have details about who Christina Oliva is married to and more in Christina Oliva’s wiki.

Family Helps

Born on May 20, 1986, in Staten Island, New York, Christina Olive’s age is 31. Though she wanted to be financially independent at a young age, she is very close to her family and wants to be with them as much as possible. Little wonder why she enlisted her family’s help when she started her own business. Oliva’s Italian-American family support her every step of the way. Her sister, Victoria, and cousin, Anthony, are her most trusted colleagues and co-workers whom she depends on for almost anything. By working with the rest of the staff, Oliva and her team create fantastic makeovers for her salon’s clientele from single mothers who lost their hair due to chemotherapy, or twins who want to look different from each other. There is no information about Christina Oliva’s net worth, but considering that she was able to open a salon in the heart of expensive Manhattan, it must be substantial.

Being a Good Daughter

When it comes to business Oliva is the boss. But at home, her parent’s writ runs large. Her parents, Donna and Frank, look out for Oliva, and she is very secure because of the love and comfort she receives at home. Oliva inherited her business smarts from her father who owned and operated several businesses from the time he started working at the age of 16. Donna is traditional and wants her daughters to fall in love, get hitched, and have babies. Oliva may do just that and make mom happy! After all, she is in love and married. Christina Oliva’s husband is an entrepreneur and in the car business and does not want to make an appearance on Hair Goddess because he is camera shy.

The World is Not Enough

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Hair Goddess is a new show on TLC which premiered on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, and focuses on Oliva’s business along with her family. The show follows them as they face the many intricacies of running a salon, managing the fine balance between their professional and personal lives, managing difficult employees, and handling their financial worries. Hair Goddess is filmed at her Manhattan salon, Olivia Christensen Salon. She works with all kinds of hair ranging from baby fine to coarse. Christina Oliva has big plans for the future and wants to open a new salon in Beverly Hills, no less. Seeing the way she has successfully run her business so far, there is nobody who doubts this possibility.