Photo: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Nick Viall is hoping to find love on reality TV for the fourth time in The Bachelor season 21. Out of the 30 hopefuls of this season, one is 25-year-old Christen Whitney. If you haven’t watched the latest episode of The Bachelor, consider yourself warned because this piece contains spoilers.

Loyal Bachelor fans, how many times have you cringed, rolled your eyes, or scratched your heads after seeing the made up and outrageous jobs on the franchise? We’ve seen enthusiasts of all sorts, “free spirits” (which is code for “unemployed”), and tons of models. Season 21 of The Bachelor has seen a decline in outrageous professions. Though, we do have an aspiring dolphin trainer and an unemployed nurse. We also have Christen Whitney who has such a long list of jobs that we wonder what she can’t do!

Christen Whitney has listed different jobs on different social media channels, with no way of knowing what her current position is. On the show, however, her job title is listed as a wedding videographer.

Christen Whitney arrived at the mansion wearing yellow in a sea of red. She was armed with a fan that she swung dramatically, and admitted to being a virgin. In episode 2 however, Whitney unknowingly triggered a dramatic confrontation between Nick Viall and Liz Sandoz, the woman Viall had a one-night-stand with at Bachelor in Paradise alums, Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding. Viall found out that Sandoz revealed their past to Whitney, and didn’t like it one bit. He subtly interrogated the other girls and found out Whitney is the only one Sandoz told. But that was enough for Viall, who sent Sandoz packing, leaving Whitney to take to Twitter to defend herself. The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Viall about to tell the girls that Sandoz was eliminated.

She Studied Telecommunications and French

The 25-year-old is from Martinsville, Indiana. She went to Martinsville High School, and went on to study at Ball State University at Muncie until she graduated in 2013. There, she studied Telecommunications, Video Production/ Film, and also majored in French.

Whitney is very active in her church. It’s not known whether her mother, Vonda Whitney, lives in Indiana or not. According to Christen Whitney’s Facebook page, she has lived in Mooresville, Indiana and Casa Grande, Arizona.

She’s Listed Different Jobs

According to her bio on ABC’s The Bachelor cast page, Christen Whitney is a wedding videographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, her Facebook page says she has been a business developer at Drive Social Media in Nashville, Tennessee since 2015. Confused? There’s more.

In her Instagram bio, Whitney has written “Filmmaker” and “Dance.” We know she has studied film at Ball State, so that makes sense. Between April 2014 and some time in 2015, she worked as dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Named after the famous ballroom dancer, Arthur Murray is a chain of dance studios across the country. A quick look at Arthur Murray’s web site shows that there aren’t any studios in Nashville or Tulsa. So Whitney presumably worked at one of the three studios near Martinsville, Indiana. We’re hoping we get more clarity on Whitney’s job and personal life as the show progresses!

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