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On Thursday night, Kellyanne Conway and CNN’s Chris Cuomo had a lengthy and heated interview over the ongoing Russia investigation. Chris Cuomo‘s net worth is estimated to be $5.0 million. Who is Chris Cuomo? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the CNN anchor.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway was asked about the development of the Russia investigation. She first changed the topic to the election and, after Cuomo pressed, began attacking CNN and its coverage, citing a poll saying that only six percent of Americans care about the Russia investigation, something she says takes up about 75% of the network’s coverage. Conway argued that CNN should be covering topics that are trending, to which Cuomo replied that they are covering topics that are important —including the Russia investigation, and Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians during the election.

When the importance of the involvement of Russia was questioned by Conway, Cuomo said, “The efforts by and on behalf of Russia to interfere in the election and what they may have tried to do, whom they may have tried to cultivate in furtherance of their efforts are very important questions.”

Cuomo further explained, “Because I want to know what the Russians did to try to get to the president’s son. I want to know. And I want to know that we now understand those tactics and techniques so we can stop it the next time. And I want to know what financial dealings may have been used if any to try and compromise people around the president.”

The heated argument between Trump’s counselor and the CNN anchor has led to many people asking questions about Chris Cuomo. We have all the answers you need, right here!

Chris Cuomo’s Wiki

Born Christopher Charles Cuomo on August 9, 1970, his age is 46. He was born in the New York City borough of Queens and comes from a strong political background. His parents, Matilda and Mario Cuomo, have strong political ties as his father is the former Governor of New York. His older brother, Andrew Cuomo, is currently the Governor of New York.

Cuomo attended The Albany Academy, a private prep school in New York. For his undergraduate degree, Cuomo attended Yale University and earned his Juris Doctor from Fordham University. 

Chris Cuomo’s Career

Cuomo started his career as a Wall Street lawyer. However, he decided to pursue a career in journalism. In 1997, he used his surname to his advantage, and bagged a temporary gig on CNBC’s Equal Time.  

Though Cuomo was intent on a career in journalism, his father was not really happy with it. “My pop didn’t want me to go into journalism. He used to say, ‘Why do you just cover these things? Why don’t you go out and do them?’” he said.  

A couple years later, his family put aside their reservations. At a public event in 2000, shortly after his youngest son was hired by ABC, Mario Cuomo said to a crowd, “No, he’s my son, Christopher, and we’re very proud of him, because he’s gonna be the youngest correspondent ever at 20/20.” 

In 2006, Cuomo became an anchor on Good Morning America. While on the show, he took up more serious and investigative projects. In 2009, he was promoted on 20/20 to co-host alongside Elizabeth Vargas.

In February 2013, Cuomo started working for CNN as a co-host for its morning show, making his debut on the network as a field anchor. He is now the co-anchor of CNN’s morning show New Day, and continues to report on breaking news throughout the network’s various programs. 

Is Chris Cuomo Married?

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Chris Cuomo’s wife is Gotham magazine editor, Cristina Greeven. The pair walked down the aisle in 2001, at a Roman Catholic ceremony in Southampton, New York. Their marriage was attended by The View‘s Lisa Ling, actress Lori Singer, and businessman Bill Modell and his wife, Shelby. Cristina Greeven and Chris Cuomo’s kids are Bella, Carolina, and Mario.

Chris Cuomo’s Net Worth

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Chris Cuomo’s net worth is estimated to be $5.0 million. Most of his wealth is a result of his successful career as a journalist. He appeared on various networks like ABC, CNN, and CNBC. He was also a correspondent for Fox News Channel and the network’s show Fox Files. Cuomo also received multiple Emmy nominations, and won a few Polk and Peabody Awards. His work was recognized with the Edward R. Murrow Award for breaking news coverage, and the American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award for investigation juvenile justice.