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If you were an avid Beme user, then we’ve got some bad news for you! CNN acquired the app for a reported $25.0 million and told its creator and vlogger, Casey Neistat, that they’re shutting it down. Casey Neistat’s net worth in 2018 is estimated at $12.0 million. Find out how the YouTube personality made his millions right here.

Casey Neistat made it out of a trailer park and into a luxurious apartment in Battery Park. The vlogger and short filmmaker is now a millionaire! So, how rich is Casey Neistat? Since his net worth shot up substantially in such a short amount of time, many are taking an interest in this online entity.

Check out the details of Casey Neistat’s fortune below.

How Casey Neistat Made His Millions

  • Casey Neistat is a high school dropout who left home when he was just a teenager.
  • He had his first child with a woman he lived with when he was 17; they lived in a trailer with their son .
  • Today, Neistat is worth an estimated $12.0 million and made his family proud.
  • Before becoming a YouTube sensation, he began as a short filmmaker in 2003 and released a video titled iPod’s Dirty Secret, which featured the defect in the iPod battery and the video went viral.
  • Neistat’s video attracted media attention, and The Washington Post called it “wonderfully renegade.”
  • The YouTube star has over eight million subscribers today, and his vlogs received between three and 20 million views per video.

Check out how Casey Neistat’s wealth compares to those of his fellow YouTube stars:

YouTube StarNet Worth
Lily Singh (Superwoman)$16.0 million
Logan Paul$14.0 million
Casey Neistat$12.0 million
Lindsey Stirling (Violinist)$12.0 million
Roman Atwood (Prankster)$12.0 million
Jake Paul$8.0 million


  • For one video, Neistat spent $21,000 on an Emirates First Class ticket, where he showed his viewers all the luxurious facilities on board the plane.
  • According to some sources, it is reported that Neistat earns $1.0 million a year through his videos.
  • Casey Neistat’s house is located in New York City, which he purchased for a reported $3.5 million.
  • The Battery Park City home is a luxurious condo located at 2 River Terrace, where Leonardo Di Caprio, Oliver Stone, and even Tyra Banks own homes.
  • Neistat’s condo is a 2,095 sq.ft., three bedroom apartment with four bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, ripped interiors, and river views from the windows.
  • Casey Neistat’s Beme app was launched in 2015, and initially did not do too well. After a relaunch in 2016, it became a huge success. The video-sharing app gathered some 1.1 million users within its first week.
  • In 2017, CNN announced that it would be buying Beme for a jaw-dropping $25.0 million!
  • On January 25, Neistat and CNN announced that they were severing ties.
  • Although this may not affect either party on a large scale, what could have been a great profit through CNN’s popularity for Casey Neistat, is now null and void.
  • Nonetheless, the vlogger is continuing to come up with fresh ideas every now and then, and we are sure his net worth will only shoot up from here.