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Casey Kasem’s feuding family can now hopefully make peace and go their separate ways, because the radio legend, whose health had been progressively declining for the past few years, has passed away. Casey Kasem died on June 15, 2014 at the age of 82. Confirming the news of his death on Facebook, his daughter, Kerri Kasem, said that he was “surrounded by family and friends” and that he is “in a better place and no longer suffering.”

Casey Kasem’s celebrity May-December relationship with his second wife, 60-year-old Jean Kasem, is the reason his family has been torn apart. His kids from his first marriage have been embroiled in a bitter war with their stepmother over who should have control over his care. While his kids believe that his wife has been intentionally keeping him locked away, Jean Kasem has been arguing that his kids are toxic for him to be around and that she only has his best interests at heart.

A month before his death, Jean Kasem removed her sick husband from the hospital without telling anyone. As a result, conservatorship over Kasem’s health was revoked from his wife and granted to his daughter, Kerri, who then filed legal documents accusing her stepmother of elder abuse. The documents showed that when Jean Kasem moved her husband from Santa Monica to Nevada, then from Nevada to Arizona and Arizona to Washington, he developed a bedsore that became ulcerated and ultimately led to his death. The criminal investigation is believed to be ongoing.

Despite their hatred over their father’s celebrity May-December relationship with Jean Kasem, his kids will respect his will and are not planning to fight their stepmother for possession over his body, according to other family members. However, Jean Kasem reportedly doesn’t believe that his kids are going to back down that easily, because she thinks they’re really after his money and is preparing to fight tooth and nail.


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