Calysta Bevier attends 'America's Got Talent' Season 11 Live Showat Dolby Theatre on September 6, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Calysta Bevier’s America’s Got Talent performance blew millions of people away, as they watched the young girl take the stage to sing her heart out. Her very first performance on AGT in June 2016 earned her the rare Simon Cowell golden buzzer, which moved her straight to the Quarterfinals. Since then, people are interested in learning more about the young hopeful and have been searching for terms like, “Calysta Bevier’s age,” “Calysta Bevier on Ellen” and “Calysta Bevier AGT” to learn more about the inspiring singer. Even greater than that story is Calysta Bevier’s cancer survival journey, which we will also give you the scoop on.

She Delivered a Brave Performance

Calysta Bevier took the stage and delivered an emotional cover of Sarah Bareilles’ “Brave,” earning a standing ovation from the live audience and the judges. How old is Calysta Bevier, you ask? She was born September 17, 1999, making Bevier only 16 years old!

She is a Cancer Survivor

When she was only 15 years old, she was diagnosed with dysgerminoma, a form of ovarian cancer. It was a tough year for the young singer – she had a near 5 lb. tumor, 21 chemotherapy infusions and extended stays in the hospital. Thankfully, she has been in remission for almost two years now! During her first appearance on AGT, she expressed her aspirations to show everyone that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, you can still reach your goals.

Simon Cowell is Her #1 Fan 

After the singer finished her audition performance, Simon Cowell couldn’t help himself. He stood up, said “Sorry, I’ve got to do this,” and slammed the golden buzzer, releasing a storm of golden confetti from the ceiling! He said, “I love everything about you. I just had this feeling when you walked up, I can’t explain it. Just your spirit, the choice of song, your voice. I think you’re really special. I’ve just got this incredible feeling about you. I think everyone in this room felt it, and I think that you were nervous, I could hear that. But, you get past this stage, I predict great things are gonna happen for you.”

She’s Great with Makeup

If you visit Calysta Bevier’s Instagram account (@calystabevier), you’ll see a few photos where she posts selfies of her makeup. She does an incredible job! She may be talented with a brush but when it comes to her personality, voice and natural beauty, makeup doesn’t stand a chance!

She Made Her Debut on “The Ellen Show”

Calysta Bevier’s video of her singing “Fight Song” made its debut on The Ellen Show in December 2015. She was singing the song on stage and the YouTube video went viral. In the interview with Ellen, Bevier explained her cancer survival story and Ellen surprised her with a special guest – she invited Rachel Platten to sing her song with Bevier on stage. Talk about dreams come true!