Brie Larson (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Brie Larson is dating Alex Greenwald—a fact that was made all too clear last night when the new couple was spotted engaging in some serious PDA at the 2016 Oscars. She even thanked him in her acceptance speech when she picked up the Best Actress award for her movie Room. Like with any new celebrity couple, fans are chomping at the bit to know more: about him, about how they hooked up, what they do on dates, if it’s true love or just an affair, and more. Here are five interesting tidbits relating to Larson’s new boyfriend and what could be a very long-term relationship.

1) Who is Alex Greenwald? Alex Greenwald may be best known to the world now as Brie Larson’s boyfriend, but he actually has a pretty impressive resume of work in his own right. The 38-year-old is a successful musician, producer, actor, and former model. Greenwald is also the lead singer of the band Phantom Planet, which was first founded in 1994; the band has released four studio albums and opened for many famous groups.

2) They possibly met through music: While the exact circumstances that led to Brie Larson dating Alex Greenwald are unclear—Larson likes to keep her private life quiet—it has been speculated that the celebrity couple met sometime in 2013, following Larson’s 2012 breakup with actor John Patrick Amedori, and were likely connected through mutual associates or via their involvement in the music industry (Larson was a pop singer before acting).

3) She keeps mentioning him in speeches: Brie Larson has been on a tear with all the awards she’s won lately, the newest being, as we previously mentioned, the award for Best Actress at last night’s Oscars for her role in Room. One sign that this might be true live is that for her acceptance speeches, she’s made sure Alex Greenwald—and the world—knows what a difference he made in getting her to where she is today. Public instances of praise have included an interview with Entertainment Tonight following her Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, telling him she loved him during her acceptance speech for winning Best Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards, and now her Oscar win, having thanked him on stage. All signs are pointing to a long-term relationship!

4) He sounds like the perfect boyfriend: With some of Greenwald’s other traits, it’s no wonder that Brie Larson is so smitten with him. Going by what she said during her above acceptance speeches, he’s apparently good with her puppy, taking care of it in her absence, and supportive of his girlfriend and her very busy career. She also said he’s a whiz in the kitchen—a bonus, considering that both of them are vegans, Alex Greenwald even having worked alongside PETA.

5) He was at the 2016 Oscars with her: Alex Greenwald was on-hand last night to watch Brie Larson win her esteemed award, and the pair couldn’t have looked happier together! The many cameras present at the Governors Ball, a celebratory event held in the same building as the awards ceremony, caught the two all over each other the entire evening (when her pesky status didn’t get in the way). Pics of the two together showed them being nothing but lovey-dovey, including one of them being too busy smooching to notice having their picture taken, or anything else, for that matter! If we had to guess, we’d say this is more than just an affair or a hookup—Brie Larson is dating Alex Greenwald for the long haul!

Photos: Instagram/brielarson