Brenda Buttner challenged the long held male bastion of financial TV journalism and did a great job of it. She brought the biggest names in business to her show and made understanding money matters simple for audiences. Buttner has died of cancer at the age of 55, leaving behind two daughters and a net worth of $3.0 million.

Brenda Buttner passed away yesterday (February 20) and the news has upset her audiences, loved ones, her Fox News colleagues, and all who knew her. How did Brenda Buttner die? We will tell you all we know about Brenda Buttner’s cause of death and details from Brenda Buttner’s wiki.

Who is Brenda Buttner?

Brenda Buttner was a senior business correspondent and the host of Bulls & Bears on Fox News. Buttner also regularly contributed to the show Your World with Neil Cavuto. She was born in San Francisco, California and graduated from Harvard University in 1983, where she was among the top in her class. Buttner then studied for two years as a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College, Oxford University, England, where she graduated with honors and received a BA in politics and economics.

Following Her Passion

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After graduating, Buttner moved back to America and joined the NBC affiliate KCRL-TV in Reno, Nevada. She loved motorcycles and was the feature editor of Cycle World magazine, an enthusiast motorcycle publication, for quite some time. Buttner later joined CNBC and hosted The Money Club. She served as a Washington correspondent from 1990 to 1993 and general correspondent from 1995 to 1998. She was among the first women who made a mark in what was otherwise a rigid male bastion of business journalism.

Brenda Buttner’s Net Worth

Buttner knew that she was treading virtually unknown territory when she met and interviewed mostly males in pursuit of financial stories for her shows and research. She was aware of the responsibility that being a woman put on her. She once said, “Women are not afraid to simply admit they don’t know about something, which men rarely do. So women realize there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to understanding an investment.” Brenda Buttner knew the importance of financial freedom and was a fierce supporter of working women. It is no wonder Brenda Buttner’s net worth was a respectable $3.0 million at the time of her death.

Devoted to Her Daughters

Buttner was married to Tom Adkins, a well-known American political pundit, political writer, and real estate investor. They met in 2005, fell in love, and got married the same year. However, they got divorced in 2010. Brenda Buttner’s family consists of her two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel. Brenda Buttner’s pics show what a loving and caring mother she was to her daughters.

A Fatal Disease

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What kind of cancer did Brenda Buttner have? In 2015, Buttner was diagnosed with a rare type of breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy for a while, which caused her to lose weight. However, her sense of humor was still in tact and she used to quip, “I wanted to lose a few pounds…well man this chemo diet works!” Unfortunately, her cancer turned insidious and spread to her eye and brain. Buttner continued to write her personal finance articles, which were published in The New York Times and Ladies’ Home Journal.

Memories Will Remain

Despite her grueling schedule, Brenda Buttner found time to spend with her family and friends. She said, “It may seem like a cliché, but it’s true. I am blessed with each day I awake and see my two beautiful daughters.” There is no question that 55 is too early an age for anyone to go. Her presence will be sorely missed.