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Brandon Kee is a 24-year-old fashion designer from San Francisco. He is also one of the promising contestants on Project Runway season 16, who many believe will win. The nail-biting season finale will air tonight, and it may just prove to be the biggest turning point in the young designer’s career! Find out more about Brandon Kee below.

Brandon Kee as a Project Runway Contestant

Brandon Kee from Project Runway season 16 is one of the most sought-after designers of his age. He’s dreamt of making it big since he was 13, and already worked to achieve them. Kee, who moved from Utah to New York to pursue his passion, already showcased collections at the 2017 New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer. He was among the 12 chosen Academy of Fashion Design students to receive the rare opportunity, which only goes to show the powerhouse of talent that he has.

Through more ups than downs, the promising designer made it to the Project Runway finale, along with four other contestants. As per Brandon Kee’s wiki, he was coaxed to audition by one of his old professors. He is also touted as one of the most consistent performers of the season and received many rave reviews from the judges. Brandon’s Project Runway dream may soon turn into reality as many of his fans are eagerly anticipating his win.

Brandon Kee’s Personal Life

Brandon Kee is more than just a regular 24-year-old. With loads of ambition, the designer is steadily climbing the path to success. Contrary to his otherwise anxious and frazzled image, Kee is a relaxed person who is unfazed in his personal space. He is said to follow a tight routine and is often consumed by his work. However, the designer strongly believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and tries to stick to a fitness regime. Barring his professional pressures, Kee lives the simple life. The dashing designer was last known to be dating Dina Lam. Brandon Kee’s girlfriend is also a fashion student, and the two are believed to have met at the Academy. At this time, not much is known about Brandon Kee’s family.

His Social Media Presence

Like any young 24-year-old, Kee is quite active on social media. The dynamic designer from Project Runway season 16 is already making ripples in the fashion world and has more fans that one could imagine. Brandon Kee’s Instagram alone has over 30K followers, and the number only seems to be growing by the day! His bio reads: “From The Lake 2 The Bay 2 The Universe [sic],” giving us cues into his ambitions. Kee is also fairly active on Twitter and Facebook. Updates on his Project Runway journey can also be found on the show’s official Instagram account.

Brandon Kee’s age may seem like a hindrance, but he is proving that it is not the case. The young designer has quickly become a role model for many who wish to pursue their fashion dreams. His journey on Project Runway may come to an end tonight on Lifetime, but his career just started.