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Bill and Hillary Clinton are the ultimate power duo. When Bill steps up to the podium to speak at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, all of America will be watching. Arguably one of the most controversial United States presidents of all time, Bill Clinton is a great public speaker. Bill Clinton’s DNC speech is scheduled to take place sometime on Tuesday night. This time, however, he will be using his oratory skills to support his wife, Hillary. If Hillary becomes the president, it will not only be the first time a woman sits in the Oval Office, but it’ll also be the first time that a husband-wife pair have made it to the highest office in America. Not bad for someone who promised the country that they were getting two presidents for the price of one! Though the infamous Bill Clinton affair has receded into the background, old wounds may reopen as Bill takes center stage. In the last decade, Bill has been doing lecture tours all over the country. So, what is Bill Clinton’s net worth? It is a whopping $80.0 million!

Hand in the Cookie Jar

Bill’s tenure as the president was during some of the most difficult times this nation faced. The economy was sputtering and the nation’s foreign policy was in tatters. Bill revitalized the economy and created new jobs. He made the country’s enemies think twice before they took any step to wreak havoc on the U.S. However, he almost lost the presidency when he made Monica Lewinsky the most famous intern in the world, with their famous sex scandal being revealed to the public. Bill was caught cheating on Hillary with Lewinsky, betraying Hillary’s trust in him. To his credit, he ultimately accepted his mistake and asked for forgiveness, and the nation and Hillary both seemed o have forgiven him! This is one ghost that Bill has successfully laid to rest.

Lending a Helping Hand

So, what is Bill Clinton’s age? He is almost 70 years old, but that roguish charm clearly still works. It will be on full display on Tuesday night when he makes a compelling case for his wife Hillary to be nominated as the Democratic party candidate for the post of the president of the U.S. If Hillary becomes president, Bill will actually play a bigger role in running the country than what most people imagine. Hillary has already said many times that she would go to Bill for advice on how to fix the economy. This could be a very good thing because the economy seems to be one of the biggest problems that Hillary has to fix. Another big challenge for Hillary is creating a clear foreign policy to deal with all the other countries that U.S. coordinates with. The Middle East, in particular, poses a big problem.

Bill the Underdog

Then there are problems at home, like white-black relations. Things are going from bad to worse with both sides adopting an “us vs. them” attitude and worse, going after each other. Black people are woven into the fabric of America and their inclusion into civil society is a number one priority. These challenges are huge and it’s good news that Bill will be on hand to help out if Hillary wins the election. People who have underestimated the power couple have regretted it in the long run. Don’t forget, Bill comes from a town called Hope, Arkansas. Nobody gave him a chance against Bush Sr. when he stood for election in 1992. He won twice and served out his full term. Whether people think of him as Former President Clinton or simply as Hillary’s husband, it amounts to the same thing. Once again, we might be getting two presidents for the price of one!