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In case you weren’t made painfully aware by your own single status—it’s Valentine’s Day! And whether you’re single or not, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, has a nice surprise for you on the day of love!

Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram

If you’re feeling thirsty this Valentine’s Day, then head over to The Rock’s Instagram and get a taste of “Brown Heaven.” The Rock took the time to shamelessly flaunt his toned physique while promoting his upcoming summer film at the same time. We don’t think anyone’s mad and, after looking at the comments, his fans were hoping he would show a lot more!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Instagram, The Rock

The post was captioned “Happy Valentine’s Day, from #RussellMyLoveMuscle also known as #BrownHeaven.”
“If you need any extra cheese today, you can borrow it from this post, because I’m laying it on as thick as my pec meat. Good Lord, make it stop.
#Baywatch MAY 26th.”

The image read: “Lemme Show You My Love Muscle,” with a section for “to” and “from” at the bottom. Fans had their own ideas about which love muscle he was referring to and one fan went as far as responding “show me everything.” One thing is for sure: the man knows how to market himself!

Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch

On May 26, Johnson will be starring in the remake of the hit ’90s TV show, Baywatch, along with Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates actor, Zac Efron. Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra will also star as the film’s villain. In this action-comedy of the same name, Johnson and Efron work together to save the life guarding brand and team up to solve a murder at the beach. Prepare for the usual laughter, shirtless lifeguards, and the signature slow running. (Nobody wants a slow lifeguard, so maybe that’s why they need re-branding?) Baywatch hits theaters on May 26, 2017!