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Well, it looks like America not only has a new commander in chief, but a new first son, as well! That’s right—Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States, giving all five of his kids new titles and a few extra perks. But what do we know about Barron? Now that his father has a very important job, Barron will be in the spotlight much more. Many have been looking for information on topics such as “Barron Trump school” to learn more. To answer your questions, here is our Barron Trump wiki.

The First Son of Donald & Melania

As we all know, Barron is the son of Donald and his third wife, former model-turned designer, Melania. Now that Donald has won this year’s election, there’s going to be a new first family in the White House, come January. Barron, 10, is usually out of the spotlight, unlike his other siblings, so there isn’t too much known about him, including what school he goes to—which may change soon. But after Tuesday’s election results, all that is about to change, putting Barron in the public eye, due to his father’s very public job. Barron already knows what it feels like to be surrounded by secret service agents, but it looks like he won’t be able to hide from the world anymore.

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What is Barron Trump’s Net Worth?

Seeing as how Barron is only 10 years old, he doesn’t really have a net worth, other than that of his parents. Net worth is all your assets combined, minus your total debts, which means Barron’s net worth would be what his parents (mainly Donald) make. You can include trust funds but for now, Barron is a billionaire heir, thanks to his father’s approximate net worth of $4.0 billion!

Donald, Barron, Melania & Ivanka Trump

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The official presidential salary is $400,000 plus $50,000 for expenses, which is a modest amount compared to how much the Trumps are currently worth. There are also other presidential perks such as travel and entertainment expenses. The Trumps won’t need to pay a mortgage while at the White House (in case you were wondering) but they do have to take care of other expenses that will be billed to them, such as food and state dinners. Who knows if Barron plans on racking up any of the bills in his new home for the next four years. Will he pull a “Richie Rich” and have an in-home McDonalds put in the White House? Highly unlikely, but with all the money his father is currently sitting on, it’s not out of the question!

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Victory Speech vs. Bed-Time Story

While the Donald was making history on Tuesday night, the media and the world, noticed that Barron was having a hard time keeping his eyes open! That’s right—the billionaire businessman’s 10-year-old son was having a hard time staying awake during his victory speech, and it immediately went viral.

Tweets were non-stop, as Barron was caught swaying back and forth on stage, rolling his eyes, and desperately trying to stay awake. Maybe Barron didn’t care about the big night for his dad, or maybe (and more logically) it was way past his bed time, since the speech was made at 3:00 a.m. EST!

Despite all the obvious factors, social media (mainly Twitter) didn’t cut the newest first son any slack.

“When your own son doesn’t even wanna see you become #president,” one user commented.

“Barron Trump is ready to get home and play COD MW remastered and his dad just keeps on talking,” wrote another.

There’s a good chance that this is how Barron will appear on stage for the next four years at all his father’s future events, or maybe he will go to bed at a decent hour in his new, luxurious White House bedroom!