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Bachelor in Paradise (a spin-off of the hit series The Bachelor) has only been airing since 2014 and has already earned the same interest and hype as its predecessors, thanks to the interactions and drama the franchise is known for. What can viewers expect from the Bachelor in Paradise 2016 season? And who will take part in this season? Read on to learn about the Bachelor in Paradise cast 2016 viewers have been waiting for! But be warned: if a search of “Bachelor in Paradise spoilers 2016” or “Bachelor in Paradise spoilers season 3” brought you here, it was with good reason, as there are spoilers for not only Bachelor in Paradise season 3, but other Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons as well.

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers 2016

The main premise of Bachelor in Paradise is simple; former contestants from the “primary” shows come together in an exciting tropical location and once again try to find true love. The traditional handing out of roses that the series is known for continues, but to shake things up a bit there are more women than men on the island, meaning some ladies will go home feeling lonely. After this, two men are added to the group, meaning that two guys will be eliminated. The show then keeps going back and forth between men and women being sent home until only a few couples are left. The surviving Bachelor in Paradise 2016 couples will then know the joy of victory, and hopefully of true love.

Bachelor in Paradise Cast 2016

So, which men and women will you find if you search, “Bachelor in Paradise cast 2016?” Which Bachelor in paradise 2016 couples will form over the show? Going by what we know from their personalities from their previous appearances, there is sure to be some interesting hookups! Here are just a few standouts from the Bachelor in Paradise 2016 cast that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Emily and Haley Ferguson

Twin sisters from the most recent season of The Bachelor, Haley was the first of the two to go after an awkward trip with titular Bachelor of the season Ben Higgins, to see their mom—in fact, he cut her loose right there in the house with their mother watching! Emily lasted a tad longer before another mom led to her removal—Higgins’ mother, who she apparently made a poor impression with.

Caila Quinn

Originally planned to be the current Bachelorette instead of JoJo Fletcher (she even filmed an intro before the sudden switch) Quinn will have to settle for being in a tropical paradise with more than one attractive guy. One of the first cast members of Bachelor in Paradise season 3, hopefully she won’t be bitter about having to share the spotlight—and the men—with the other ladies this season!

Lace Morris

It was originally rumored that she wouldn’t even appear as a part of the Bachelor in Paradise cast as she had already found love. Well, either the rumor wasn’t true or that relationship didn’t work out, because here she is. Noted as a person who loves to start drama, she quit The Bachelor of her own volition, citing a need to get herself together after her poor behavior, which included getting drunk and trying to make out with Ben Higgins on the very first night.

Chad Johnson

The most recent Bachelorette “villain” was notable for trying to start a fight with nearly guy on the show. And if you searched “Bachelor in Paradise spoilers 2016” or “Bachelor in Paradise spoilers,” it’s likely Johnson that you’ve read about. Early rumors regarding the season state that the infamous contestant is removed—not eliminated, removed—from Bachelor in Paradise season 3 on the very first night. The reason? The rumors state that he apparently chose to give a rose to the liquor cabinet instead of any of the women and got way too drunk to be tolerated! We won’t know if any of this is true until the first episode airs, but if so, he’s blown one hell of an opportunity!