Ariana Grande performs at Ziggo Dome as part of her Dangerous Woman Tour, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 14th May 2017. (Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns)

Ariana Grande’s new album is dropping this Friday, and it sounds like it may be a good one. With songs like the recently released “Into You” and the title track “Dangerous Woman,” Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman is a more daring change from her typically playful, romantic music.

And what better time to be bold as Grande has built an impressive fan base with her first two albums. This third release continues to build steam with Grande releasing teaser videos of more Dangerous Woman tracks over Instagram. She also dropped the tracklist last month, which showed off guest collaborators like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

In a funny video that Grande says her mom would probably kill her for posting, Grande shows her mother reacting to hearing “Dangerous Woman” for the first time. Mama Grande literally gets hysterical, screaming and repeating “Oh my God” over and over. Needless to say she’s excited, and all of Grande’s fans are too. In anticipation for the new album release date of May 20, we’re counting down the top five Ariana Grande songs. Here we go!

“The Way” ft. Mac Miller

Classic Ariana: fun, flirty, and just easy for everyone to get down to. Mac Miller kicks of this track with some cool rhymes before Grande jumps in with her effortless vocals taking the song to a whole new level. This was our first introduction to Ariana as a solo artist on her own project, and the song quickly jumped into the top 10.

“Baby I”

Another cut from her debut album Yours Truly, “Baby I” sees Grande take a mellower, laid-back approach to this single. The video is kinda funky too with dancers wearing colorful outfits doing their moves in the streets and on a public bus. It’s a chill song for a summer evening with your friends.

“Break Free”

Grande goes EDM with this Zedd mix. You really hear her vocal potential come through on this one, though she doesn’t take it as far as she does on some of her ballads. Still, this song was a huge hit and is one of her most popular songs to date. The video is set in some odd futuristic, science fiction-themed place where Grande is shooting laser beams at the friendliest looking monsters you’ll ever see. It’s definitely a cool song on trend with the electronic craze.

“Into You”

You can thank super-producer Max Martin for this monster track. Grande takes a more risqué approach to her lyrics, singing, “A little less conversation and a little more touch my body.” It’s a more mature style for Grande, but it’s still not a Miley Cyrus-style over-the-top. She’s clearly maturing, but in a way that’s still true to herself and her fans.

“Dangerous Woman”

The hair’s down on this one. The typically careful Grande made a big statement when she burst back onto the scene with “Dangerous Woman.” The song itself carries the pop singer into new territory where she sings, “Something ‘bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman/Something ‘bout you makes me want to do things I shouldn’t.” Grande ditches the ponytail and literally lets her hair down. Lingerie and sultry looks are the theme for this video, and Grande pulls it off without a stutter. If this didn’t get you ready to stream and listen to the album, we’re not sure what it’s gonna take!