Angie Callychurn is the Miss Universe Mauritius for 2017. She feels honored to have been chosen, and she wants to instill confidence in people. A certified color consultant, Callychurn loves yoga and exploring her country. Get all the facts about her, right here in our Angie Callychurn wiki!

Hailing from the picturesque country of Mauritius, Angie Callychurn’s nationality and exotic beauty have brought her to the 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant. The hazel-eyed beauty is a certified color consultant with a degree in Mass Communications.

Keep reading for the latest information about Angie Callychurn’s personal and professional life.

Angie Callychurn’s Personal Life

According to sources, Angie Callychurn’s age is 27. She feels that self-confidence is the ultimate aspect of a person’s personality and hopes to promote this in others around her.

Angie Callychurn’s family and close friends play a very important and active role in her life. She loves spending quality time with them whenever she can. Afterall, being a beauty queen keeps her very busy!

However, there isn’t much known about Angie Callychurn’s boyfriend at the moment, so it is unconfirmed if she has one or not.

Angie Callychurn’s Interests

A travel enthusiast, Callychurn does not mind taking time off her busy schedule to explore her beautiful country and what it has to offer. She is a complete sports junkie and regularly indulges in outdoor hiking, swimming, scuba diving, and mountain climbing.

When the beauty isn’t seeking an adrenaline rush, she practices yoga and meditation. Callychurn also loves reading, cooking, and singing.

Angie Callychurn on Instagram

Angie Callychurn’s Instagram account is updated regularly. On it, she describes herself as “Miss Universe Mauritius 2017, Miss Supranational #Africa 2016, BA Com, a model, a traveler, an animal lover, adventurous, #girlboss.”

The hazel-eyed bombshell recently posted, “I am grateful for wearing this crown today for my sweet motherland. It is an honor and a great privilege to be the new #MissUniverseMauritius.”

If you’re hoping to get a better look at the brunette beauty, you can find plenty of Angie Callychurn’s hot pics on social media. Her Instagram account is littered with her gorgeous photos and it gives some insight into who she is as a person. Here are a couple of them for you to enjoy!