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America’s Got Talent is blowing viewers away each episode and many people are asking how to cast their America’s Got Talent vote. Voting is quite simple thanks to America’s Got Talent’s voting app, which you can download on Google Play if you have an Android phone, or the App Store if you have an iPhone. If you’re wondering how to vote for America’s Got Talent, just download the app, open it and follow the user-friendly prompts! The AGT voting app also allows viewers to do other cool things – here’s the list of extra features.

Using the App

The America’s Got Talent app not only allows viewers to vote for their favourite performers, it also allows them to play along with America, using the green, red, and golden buzzers during the performances. The app allows you to save acts on results nights, share your favourite acts on social media, and tweet Nick and the judges straight from the app.

“Little did we know this would happen. I’m almost famous. I’m trying to stay in the moment and hopefully moving forward things will happen.” – @grace_vanderwaal #LiveFromAGT

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The AGT app’s final feature, which could possibly be the best of them all, allows you to sound off on your buzzer whenever you want, even when the show’s not on! That way when your friends are butchering one of Grace Vanderwaal’s songs, you can tell them to cut it out and leave the singing to her!

Voting Online

How to vote got AGT online? You can vote a maximum of 10 votes per act per email address, or Facebook account by visiting NBC’s website link. Google has also provided a cool widget for make voting as easy as possible. You can vote 10 times per act via Google Search per Google account during each voting period. Simply search “AGT” on Google, sign into your account, and vote using the Google vote widget.

“Stay weird.” – @tapefaceboy #LiveFromAGT

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Toll-Free Number

If you like to vote the traditional way, simple wait for the toll-free number notification during the show and call in! As with the previous options, you can vote a maximum of 10 times per act during each voting opportunity.

“Hanging out with the contestants and becoming friends has been very special. It’s very exciting to be in the finale, but very nerve-racking at the same time.” – @sofiedossi #LiveFromAGT

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