Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

Who will be the America’s Got Talent season 11 winner? After the performances on the America’s Got Talent 2016 finals tonight, it’s clear that the contestants just keep getting better. The stellar performances displayed by the contestants tonight have had many fans already searching for spoilers on who won America’s Got Talent. The show was such a nail biter; people are just dying to know who won! The America’s Got Talent results will air tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept 14) on the second half of the America’s Got Talent finale. The AGT contestants 2016 were unlike any level of talent the judges have seen on this stage before, and with the highest ratings ever for this season, it’s no surprise. People just can’t wait for the reveal of the America’s Got Talent winner, so you have to tune back intomorrow to see who takes home the grand prize!

Check out who rocked the stage on America’s Got Talent tonight because amongst them could be the America’s Got Talent winners 2016. Make sure you tune in on Wednesday night to see it all go down, as America will finally get to see who wins the $1 million grand prize.

Sal Valentinetti

They don’t make em’ much sweeter than Sal! Opening up the evening, this stylish “swooner” took to the stage first with his larger-than-life rendition of “Mack the Knife.” It couldn’t have felt more like a Las Vegas show, as Sal’s energetic and flawless performance wowed both the judges and the audience. Simon was only displeased that it wasn’t longer!

Tape Face

The silent mime with the black eyes and taped mouth has pleased the people yet again with another comedic routine. This time, Tape Face somehow incorporated a toilet seat, two toy horses, and his main prop Mel B herself, into a performance that had the judges and audience in stitches –except of course, the butt of the joke, Mel B!

This hilarious mime continues to baffle the judges with how extraordinarily well he transforms nothing into something wonderful.

Viktor Key

The Ukrainian juggling sensation stunned the audience and the judges with a routine that looked to be straight out of an apocalyptic movie with thunder, lightning and darkness. This time, Viktor incorporated in dark, interesting dance routine around his masterful juggling skills, and literally set the stage on fire with his solid performance. Simon said he felt like he was watching a movie!

Brian Justin Crum

Brian sang his heart out for all those in the LGBTQ community who have been bullied or tormented because of their differences. His rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” surely sent chills down the spines of the viewers, as it was slow and tasteful, and simply full of emotion.

Grace Vanderwaal

Likely the highlight of the evening, America’s sweetheart, Grace Vanderwaal took to the stage and lit up the room. She’s inspiring people from all over the world, as a montage of YouTubers was shown playing their own versions of her songs.

Armed with her ukulele and her distinctive voice, she simply floored the judges with another original song, yet again! At only 12 years old, the judges can’t believe how this young performer has stolen the show. Howie called her “Amazing Grace” and said, “America vote! Grace has to win!”

All of the other contestants simply wowed the judges and not one of them had anything really negative to say. After all, this is the finals and the stakes are much higher, so each of the contestants are certainly giving it their all!

Opera singer Laura Breton‘s performance had Simon Cowell scratching his head over the fact that she’s only 14 years old. Mel B admitted that she felt the songstress’s nerves, but that it really did not affect her performance all that much.

The Clairvoyants stumped the judges yet again. This time, Amelie guessed the numbers and expiry date on Simon’s credit card from the inside of a 20 ton tank of water!

It’s anyone’s guess as who could be announced as the ultimate winner, so be sure to tune in tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 14) to catch the second half of the most exciting America’s Got Talent finale yet.