Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

What did you ask Santa for as a kid? Toys? Video games? Whatever it was, it was likely something realistic for a child to both want and receive. But what Amber Rose’s son asked for this Christmas is more than a little out there.

Rose posted a picture on Instagram of her son, Sebastian, who she had with her rapper ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, with a “mall Santa.” Sitting on what appears to be a large, candy cane-themed couch, both look elated to be there, despite Sebastian being mesmerized by something off-camera. But what’s really worth noting is Amber Rose’s accompanying text, where she laughed at what her son asked the jolly man in red for on Christmas: a skeleton! Does he know that would’ve been more appropriate in October? Or maybe it’s because of something that happened this past Halloween that excited him!

Over 130,000 skeletons wrapped in flesh (what delightful Christmas imagery, huh?) liked Sebastian’s holiday wish list. Most of the comments are, of course, about how adorable the young boy is and how hilarious his ideal present was; no surprise there! One person took an interesting take on his gift request, saying, “That’s deep what he asked for…you little dude is highly spiritual sis…protect that gift…” while another suggested this was a sign he’d grow up to be a doctor! But perhaps the best comment was the individual who said, “He asking for his dad then.” Harsh!

Amber Rose doesn’t explain why he wanted one or where he got the idea that a skeleton is a realistic gift, but he probably got an explanation later about how he already has one (and who likes repeat presents?)! Either way, little Sebastian hopefully won’t be too disappointed when he finds everything but a skeleton under his tree this year!