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Ali Caldwell started listening to music from a very young age, and decided early on that she would be a singer. After struggling for a few years, she has come to the attention of everybody due to her powerful performances during The Voice Season 11. 

Ever since her audition tape was broadcast on the show, everybody is talking about Ali Caldwell, The Voice contestant. That’s because she impressed everyone during her blind audition, wowing all four of the judges and receiving a standing ovation from the audience! Each of the judges fought over Caldwell to convince her to join their team. In the end, Caldwell chose Miley Cyrus as her coach. People are curious to know more about this singing sensation, so we bring to you Ali Caldwell’s wiki!

A Love for Music

Caldwell was born on June 28, 1988, in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Not much is known about her parents, but sources say that Caldwell has two sisters and two brothers. Caldwell was introduced to music at an early age, and she quickly developed a love for it. In her childhood, she listened to artists such as Brandy, Beyoncé, and Faith Evans.

Ali Caldwell Facts

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Choosing Music Over College

When it came time to attend college, Caldwell thought long and hard. She realized that she was more interested in a career in music rather than going to college. So, she made the risky decision to skip college and focus on her career as a singer. She joined a three-person R&B group named Xhale. They hit a home run when they were asked to open for none other than Boyz II Men on their tour! They also played for Patti LaBelle at her tribute concert.

To Russia with Courage

Caldwell was adventurous and took bold steps to further her singing career. She went to Russia with a jazz musician named Oleg, where the two went on tour. She loved her experience so much that she has been to Russia five more times since, and has performed almost 100 concerts for Russian audiences!

Making an Impact

Caldwell has broken out now, thanks to her participation on the reality show The Voice on NBC. She auditioned for the The Voice season 11 by singing a cover of Ariana Grande’s hit single “Dangerous Woman.” Her powerful performance got all the judges to turn their chairs and fight over who would get her on their team.

Bright Future Awaits

Currently, Ali Caldwell’s native place of New York is where she lives, and spends most of her time. Her net worth is very low as she does not have a record deal yet. Ali Caldwell’s age is just 28, meaning she has plenty of time to get her career started. According to sources she does not currently have a boyfriend, and is giving all her time and attention to music. If she wins The Voice, a lot of doors would open for her.

Ali Caldwell

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A Point To Prove

Even though Caldwell does not have a record deal yet, she is optimistic about her future. She says that her personal motto is “If you stay consistent and be true to yourself, anything is possible.” She says that whatever she has achieved is because of her family because they have supported her in every situation. She is determined to show everybody that an independent artist like her can make it big purely by hard work, dedication, and consistency. She wants to prove that she can make it without the help of a major label.

The Next Big Thing

Caldwell is not just a singer, but is also a songwriter. Ali Caldwell’s songs reflect her love for the music of her personal idols like Tamia and Anita Baker. Now that Caldwell has everybody’s ears, you should expect to hear more of her songs. Caldwell has everything going for her right now. Audiences love to hear her songs, judges adore her and she is very focused on becoming a great singer. She always had the potential; now she has the opportunity. Don’t be surprised if you hear Ali Caldwell on the radio very soon!