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Jim Parsons is a force to be reckoned with. Since his first appearance on The Big Bang Theory, he has become not only an internet sensation, but also an icon. And being gay only makes him more lovable! Take a look at the top 9 times that this incredibly funnyman won Instagram this year.

That Time He Pouted with Rihanna

It isn’t often that one sees “Bad Girl Riri” pouting, so it was a shock to all fans when Jim Parsons posted a selfie of the two of them making the infamous “duck pout.” It might not suit many others, but hands down, this one made our day.

When He Worked with a Naked Mannequin

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I am comfortable working with all on-set visitors, even those without clothes.

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Parsons definitely hit the nail on the head with his expression in this image, but it was the caption that stole the show. It read: “I am comfortable working with all on-set visitors, even those without clothes.” A man who is comfortable in his own skin! (Excuse the poor pun).

When He Was a Lucky Man on His Husband’s Birthday

On January 19, he shared this photo of his husband celebrating his birthday and called it a “great day” for himself because, “this guy was born!!!!” How cute is that? They also have their family of five that includes two dogs, Otis and Rufus.

That Time He Let His Favorite Tennis Player Sit In Sheldon’s Spot!

He might not have seemed happy about it, but he did let his favorite tennis player, Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard sit in Sheldon’s spot on set. Sheldon Cooper’s fans were enraged, but Parsons was a happy man that day.

When He Proved that He Is a Family Man

The day Jim Parsons received his well-deserved Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he shared it with none other than his mom and husband. It was a big day, but the humble actor did not forget to thank co-star Kaley Cuoco for capturing the image he uploaded.

When He Gave Back to Fans

It might not seem much when Parsons reposted this photo, but it meant a whole lot to the fans who made him a collage for his 42nd birthday. He even thanked them personally in the caption and called it “the neatest bday card ever.”

That Time He Twinned with James Harden

As a comedy show actor, Parsons is bound to have a great sense of humor. But when he posted this image of him wearing a fake beard not unlike James Harden’s, the internet went nuts! Not only that, he also paid tribute to the great NBA player and his hard work.