We have the top five rappers to watch out in 2018. This generation is putting a new spin on rap. Did your favorite artists make the cut? Find out which artist stole the show and made us look twice!

The best of rap comes from a soul who lives and breathes music, and these artists prove just that! These rappers are trying their best to pave the way for a generation who want a fresher take on the genre, and are now on top! Check out this list of the five best rappers you need to listen to for the next best hits.

#5. Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty might just prove to be the next best rap goddess around! Her hit album, Sugar Trap not only made fans wanting more, but it also put the rapper on the map.


She released Sugar Trap 2, and her latest video for “Smack a B***h” garnered over 600k views in one month.

Rico Nasty kicks off her tour on February 17, 2018, and it ends on April 4, 2018. Make sure you keep her on your radar this year!

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