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James Harrison is a monster on the football field. Just look at the guy! He just looks like he eats other lesser football players for breakfast! But have you ever seen James Harrison’s partner, Beth Tibbott? She seems like such an odd pairing for the gridiron giant. How did they hook up? What does she do for a living? We’ve got all of the information that you need on Beth Tibbott.

Personal Beginnings of Beth Tibbott

Let’s start this Beth Tibbott wiki at the beginning. Meth Michelle Tibbott was born on March 11, 1978, making Beth Tibbott’s age 40-years-old as of March. Tibbott has stayed true to her Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania roots. She was born in Pennsylvania, went to school in Pennsylvania and currently works in Pennsylvania.

Beth Tibbott: Lawyer

Beth Tibbott’s educational stats are pretty impressive. After high school, she would head off to Mount Aloysius College in where she would earn her Bachelor of Science degree in behavioral science. She graduated from Mount Aloysius in 2002.

After Mount Aloysius, Tibbott went on to attend Duquesne University School of Law and earn her Juris Doctor degree in Law in 2007. She started her career off by being an assistant at the law firm of Allegheny Attorneys at Law.

From assistant, Tibbott would move on to an attorney role at Cook Law Group in 2008 before she began her own law firm with Dana Richardson, Tibbott & Richardson in 2010. Within three years, Tibbott went from graduating law school to opening her own firm, which is really quite impressive.

Life with James Harrison

Tibbott and James Harrison have been a couple for a number of years but they have never actually been married. In 2007, the first of Harrison and Beth Tibbott children was born, a boy named James Harrison III. He was followed by his younger brother, Henry, who was born in 2009.

Like any relationship, there have always been arguments that have come up but one particular argument became very public when Harrison was charged with simple assault and criminal mischief in March of 2008. The charges stemmed from what was described as an altercation with Beth Tibbott. After Harrison had completed anger management counseling and psychological counseling, the charges were dropped in April of 2008.

The spotlight was very bright on Harrison and Tibbot due to a number of similar incidents occurring around the NFL at that time, including a former teammate, Cedric Wilson. The fact that Wilson had been fired for assaulting an ex-girlfriend and Harrison had not created a conversation about a possible double standard within the Steelers organization when it came to these types of incidents.

Social Media

Harrison and Tibbott tend to keep their relationship very private, especially after the 2008 incident (and you’d be forgiven if you thought they were no longer together). Beth Tibbott’s Instagram account is currently set to private. Her profile picture is that of the family’s beloved pitbull wearing Harrison’s jersey and number. And while there are plenty of photos of Harrison with his sons on his Instagram, Tibbott is primarily absent from his public social media feed.