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September is coming to an end and Halloween 2016 is just around the corner! If you’re like many Halloweeners who wait until the last minute to decide on a costume, then chances are, you haven’t even thought about what you’re doing to dress up as! The last thing you want is to end up in the following scenario: It’s Halloween day. The moon is full in the early morning sky, the leaves are falling, and the mood is just right. You wake up and go about your usual routine, and life is great. . . that is until you remember it’s Halloween and you instantly panic about what you’re going to wear to the costume party later tonight!

Stop! There is no need to panic because we have compiled a list of clever Halloween costume ideas for you right here! To make sure you don’t end up walking into the party telling everyone that the bedsheet you’re wrapped in is actually supposed to be a toga, we’ve got a whole list of easy at home Halloween costumes to make for cheap!

We know you’ve got bills, or school, or rent to pay, so we chose great outfits that won’t break the bank, but will certainly put you in the top 10 for best costume ideas! Without further ado, here are over 30 awesome, last minute DIY costumes that will save your Halloween night, long before it arrives!

#1: Remember Mean Girls? Regina George is still so fetch!

Regina George Bitch #regina #meangirls #fancydress #american #theme #reginageorge

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#2: What could be more adorable than dressing up as a little kitty? Honestly, whether you’re five or 35, this is still a cute look!

Meow <3 ^.^ #kirinightingale #blackhair #neko #ahricosplay #leagueoflegends #meow #catcostume

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#3: If the caption isn’t witty and confusing enough, the half witch-half normal makeup look is going to have your friends wheeling you off to the asylum! Try it!

#4: What do a striped shirt, black beanie, and raccoon eyes have in common? Absolutely nothing, but it’ll make you look like the thief you are for stealing your brother’s clothes and your sister’s eye makeup! Ha!

#5: If you’re trying to beat the world record for most lazy costume idea of life…look no further than this “nose in a book” ensemble.

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#6: Now here’s a unique one! Remember when you were eight years-old and would spend hours mixing and matching outfits for your paper dolls? Now you can relive those wonderful childhood memories by dressing up like one yourself! Dreams do come true, don’t they?

#7: All of us have had those moments when adulting is hard and we wish we were kids again. Well, Halloween night can make those dreams a reality. Dress up in your best “1st day of Preschool” outfit and relish in those toddler vibes.

#8: Group costume outfits are always a treat—literally! And who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries?

#9: Stay relevant with an emoji costume! Probably the most #adorable family ensemble yet!

#10: Zombie Cheerleader. . . never gets old.

#11: Pokémon Go players will love this one! I choose you, Pikachu!

#12: Ahoy, matey! If you want to strut into the party in your work clothes, just grab a sailor hat, rock the blazer you’ve been wearing all day, and draw a moustache on your face. See? Pure creativity!

#13: Now this takes a skillful hand! If you’re good with makeup, here’s a brilliant costume idea. Dress as a pop art zombie and impress your friends! There are tons of YouTube tutorials for this look!

Pin up/pop art zombie attempt #roguefacepainting #facepaint #halloween

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#14: Similar to the photo above, all you need is makeup to get the perfect Wonder Woman look. Accentuating your features in this manner will give you an even more authentic comic-book look.

#15: Scare your friends to death and possibly get arrested dressing up as Mike Myers!

#16: Nothings says “I love you” like dressing up with your partner. Take your relationship to the next level by choosing the most hilarious duo costume!

#17: Star Wars fans will freak out over this adorable Ewok costume!

#18: Joker costumes haven’t been overdone, have they?

#19: Ah, shiver me timbers, here’s a swell idea! (Again, for the lazy ones!)

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#20: Another cute Pokémon costume—gotta catch ‘em all!

#21: There are no special effects required for this suit! No one will second guess which super hero you’re supposed to be. Deadpool, right?

#22: Oh my stars and garters, this Captain America costume is on point and it doesn’t even require spandex! Avengers Assemble!

#23: The perfect costume for any child! Dressing up as a Harry Potter character is the easiest way to get heaps of candy. Too cute!

#24: When you’re feeling heroic but don’t actually have any super powers. . . (or sewing skills.)

#25: Let everyone know how desperate you are for a date by dressing up as the Tinder app! (Swipe left!)

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#26: Another cute duo! These Minions are on a mission- for Halloween candy! Oh, banana!

#27: Now that’s an epic team costume idea! Just be sure you don’t move. . . ever.

#28: Doe, a deer, a female deer!

#29: Joker may be overdone, but this year Harley Quinn is SO in!

#30: There are endless possibilities to how creative you can get, especially with a little face paint and makeup! Incredible!

#31: Ever seen Coraline? Yup. Nightmares.

#32: This adorable little frog will surely win over some princess hearts!

#33: Female Edward Scissorhands? How cool is this?

#34: Cobain’s back, yeah, Cobain’s back!

We hope you enjoyed these unique and affordable Halloween costume ideas! Be sure you wait until the very last minute, so you can be motivated by deadline stress like some of these costume creators! Eat more candy than you can handle this year and from all of us at ETN, have a very Happy Halloween!