Photo: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Christen Whitney became a memorable contestant on The Bachelor season 21 after admitting she’s a virgin, proclaiming herself as the “crazy one,” and for unintentionally sending Liz Sandoz home.

Bringing some entertaining craziness to The Bachelor season 21 is 25-year-old Christen Whitney. In the season premiere, she arrived with some fanfare and asked The Bachelor alum, Nick Viall “How crazy do you think I am right now?” So we know she’s the one to watch for some crazy drama. Sure enough, Whitney unknowingly caused drama to go down between Viall and his one-night-stand, Liz Sandoz. Viall found out that Sandoz spoke about their hookup at Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding, and was afraid that it would ruin his relationship with the other girls. So, after some investigating on his part, Viall learned that Christen Whitney is the only one Sandoz told, and that was enough to send her home. Unfortunately, Whitney got some flack for it. No worries! The lively lady shut down her critics on Twitter.

We wonder if Whitney’s strong and lively personality runs in her family? We searched through Christen Whitney’s social media accounts, and have found details on her parents and siblings. The competition for Nick Viall’s heart only just started and there’s not a lot of information on most of the ladies. But we have compiled some facts on Christen Whitney’s family and we’re sharing it with you.

#1. She Lived in Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Tennessee

Whitney has moved a lot over the years. If you take a look at Christen Whitney’s Facebook page, you can see that she is a native of Martinsville, Indiana. She graduated from Martinsville High School in 2009. In 2013, she graduated from Bell State University after studying Telecommunication with video production and film, as well as French.

According to her ABC bio, Whitney is a videographer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But her Facebook page says she has lived in Nashville, Tennessee as of December 2016, where she works for Drive Social Media as a business developer. Before that, she worked as a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, a nationwide chain of dance studios. She has also lived in Mooresville, Indiana and Casa Grande, Arizona.

If we establish a timeline, at the time of filming for The Bachelor, Christen Whitney worked as a videographer in Tulsa. She must have gotten a new job and moved to Nashville in December once the show finished filming.

#2. Whitney’s Mother is an Elementary School Teacher

Christen Whitney’s mother is Vonda Whitney, who affectionately calls her daughter “Chrissy Mae,” which she has used as her social media usernames. Vonda Whitney also appears to be a very religious person. She is a fan of Brian Nhira, a Gospel singer who appeared in The Voice season 10.

Vonda Whitney is a teacher at South Elementary School. She graduated from Martinsville High School in 1982, before majoring in Elementary Education at Arizona State University/ Indiana University. We’re not sure if Vonda Whitney still lives in Indiana or if she’s working. There’s no information available on Christen Whitney’s father.

Vonda Whitney stated that her favorite TV show is The Bachelor. Her profile picture is even her daughter’s grand entrance at The Bachelor season 21 premiere!

#3. Does Christen Whitney Have Siblings?

We still lack a lot of information on Whitney’s family. Hopefully, we’ll learn about her family soon! Thanks to social media, there is some information that can be found. Vonda Whitney has shared several pictures of her daughters. so we know that Christen Whitney has a few sisters. She’s also very close to her cousins and grandmother.

Christen Whitney has at least four sisters: Ali Conrad Hake, Briauna Hoyt, Danielle Whitney, and Morgan Gould . Danielle “Danni Lyn” Whitney appears to be the youngest of the bunch. She’s in high school and a One Direction fan. She’s also a sporty girl who likes softball, surfing, and snowboarding.

Briauna Hoyt currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she graduated from Oral Roberts University and works at BMW as a product specialist. Morgan Gould moved from Martinsville to Georgia where she graduated from Georgia Southern University.