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Yesterday was a terrible day for people all over the world. Willy Wonka’s actor Gene Wilder passed away on Monday, August 29. Died at 83, he had a secret and long battle going on with Alzheimer’s. In order to pay tribute to one of the finest actors in Hollywood, we have compiled a list of ten Gene Wilder Young Frankenstein quotes.

Sources say that Gene was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago, but he kept it a secret, because he could not stand one smile less in the world. Gene passed away on late Sunday in Stamford, Connecticut due to complication from Alzheimer’s.

If you have been searching for “Gene Wilder quotes,” “Young Frankenstein quotes” then you have come to the right place. Given below are 10 amazing quotes from Gene’s movie Young Frankenstein.

“Young Frankenstein Quotes”

  1. ”Love is the only thing that can save this poor creature, and I am going to convince him that he is loved even at the cost of my own life. No matter what you hear in there, no matter how cruelly I beg you, no matter how terribly I may scream, do not open this door or you will undo everything I have worked for. Do you understand? Do not open this door.” — Dr. Fredrick Frankenstein

  2. “It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen.’ ” — Dr. Frankenstein

  3. “You haven’t even touched your food.” — Inga

    “There. Now I’ve touched it. Happy? — Dr. Frankenstein, after slapping the food

  4. Life! Life, do you hear me?! Give my creation LIIIFEEE! — Dr. Frankenstein

  5. “From the very first day when filthy bits of slime crawled out of the sea and called to the stars ‘I am man’, our greatest dread has always been the knowledge of our mortality. But tonight, we will hurl the gauntlet of science into the frightful face of death itself. Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens! We shall mock the earthquake! We shall command the thunders and PENETRATE THE VERY WOMB OF IMPERVIOUS NATURE HERSELF!” — Dr. Frankenstein

  6. Igor: I can remember what my dad used to say in times like this.

    Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: What did he say? Igor: ‘What the hell are you doing in the bathroom all day and night? Give someone else a chance!’

  7. Inga: Dr. Fronkensteen are you alright? Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: My name is FRANKENSTEIN!

  8. “Hello handsome. You’re a good looking fellow, do you know that? People laugh at you, people hate you, but why do they hate you? Because… they are jealous. Look at that boyish face. Look at that sweet smile. Do you wanna talk about physical strength? Do you want to talk about sheer muscle? Do you want to talk about the Olympian ideal? You are a God. And listen to me, you are not evil. You… are… Good.” — Dr. Frankenstein

  9. “For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.” — Dr. Frankenstein

  10. ”I thought I told you never to interrupt me while I’m working!”  — Dr. Frankenstein

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