Joanna and Chip Gaines have become a household name thanks to their wildly popular show, Fixer Upper. Here is everything you need to know about the power couple, including Joanna Gaines’ wiki, net worth, ethnicity, and children.

If you’re a fan of reality shows, we’ll wager that you’ve heard of Fixer Upper, the successful series starring Chip and Joanna Gaines, who travel across Texas helping couples buy and remodel their dream homes. The show is currently in its fourth season, and airs on HGTV. So far, Joanna and Chip Gaines have helped with over 100 remodels.

Joanna Gaines’ net worth with her husband is estimated to be almost $10.0 million, combining their various buildings and properties. Her net worth has further increased, as she earns $300,000 per episode. The real estate show based in Waco, Texas has many loyal viewers who frequently search the Internet for information on Joanna Gaines’ net worth, as well as her age, ethnicity, and family. Keep reading to have all your questions about Joanna Gaines’ wiki answered.

Joanna Gaines’ Wiki

Fixer Upper revolves around Joanna and Chip Gains working with home buyers to find affordable houses, and remodel them into the perfect home. Joanna Gaines designs the homes, and her husband leads the renovations as a contractor. Not much is known about the Gaines’ personal life, except that they have been in the field for 12 years and are both graduates of Baylor University.


Although she doesn’t look it, Joanna Gaines’ age is 38, and her exotic features are a topic of interest with her legions of fans, who keep wondering about Joanna Gaines’ ethnicity. On her official web site, Magnolia Market, Gains admitted, “I love hearing all the guesses- although I did play Pocahontas in high school, I am not Native American. My father is half Lebanese/ half German, and my mother is full Korean.” With Joanna Gaines’ parents coming from such a diverse background, it’s no wonder she’s so gorgeous!

The Power Couple of Real Estate

With the undying love and support of her husband, Joanna Gains opened a home accessory store called Magnolia Market, which the couple purchased, gutted, and renovated together. Almost a decade later, the unstoppable twosome are proud parents to four children named Emmie Gains, Duke Gains, Ella Gains, and Drake Gains.

With over two million viewers tuning in to watch Fixer Upper each week, the Gains’ have expanded their businesses to include a real estate company, a construction company, and a design firm with their residential subdivision called Magnolia Villas.

Buying a Fixer-Upper of Their Own

Being the hosts of Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip Gains’ pet project was their own house. Joanna Gaines’ family had full faith in her skills as a designer, and in an interview, the mother-of-four stated, “They have seen some pretty bad homes that we have purchased… This one honestly didn’t scare them, mainly because the land was so pretty.” Joanna Gaines’ house is a century-old farmhouse resting on 40 acres of sprawling countryside. The home’s unique features include casual country décor, and re-purposed vintage furniture.

Season five filming starts today!! I'm letting Chip drive today and he's real happy about that… #fixerupper @hgtv


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In her own words, Joanna Gaines’ kids “love being outside, they love farm animals, and they are sure to always keep things interesting around here.” The Gaines family are well-known nature and animal lovers, and their farm is home to over 60 animals including horses, goats, chickens, and cows!

Magnolia Market Legal Troubles

Recently, the Gaines made headlines after being sued for $1.0 million, because of a property dispute over their Magnolia Market property in Waco, Texas. The duo is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit, after they put up a gate to separate their property from an alleyway. The owner of the alleyway, Daron Farmer, was unable to reach an agreement with Chip Gaines, and claimed that the gate partially restricted access to his land. He said, “Chip is just trying to strong-arm me because he doesn’t want to pay what I am asking for that lot.”

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